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Costa, McGregor, Marlatt, Delgrosso Earn First Wins Of 2020; Crooker, Ketrow Double Up At Woodhull

Costa, McGregor, Marlatt, Delgrosso Earn First Wins Of 2020; Crooker, Ketrow Double Up At Woodhull

Race Report by: Robert Symonds – August 10th, 2020 – Joe Kaminski Jr. photo –

(WOODHULL, NY) – The second race night in August did not disappoint at New York’s Toughest Bull Ring of the Woodhull Raceway on Pizza N Stuff and Dave’s Custom Logging night on the High Banks where some of the best racers this side of the Mississippi came out to compete on Saturday Night. Eight features set to go with two make up features for the Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks and the Big Jim’s Wicked Tees Mini Stocks.

First feature of the night was the Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks for their Dgien Trucking Night Makeup Feature. Jesse Tuthill and Chris Woodard would lead the field to the green flag but it would be Woodard who would lead off the first set of corners. Les Smith and Jeredd Dennis gets by Tuthill for second and third. Dennis would use the high side momentum to take the second spot from Smith. Mike Spencer in his number 425 takes over the fourth spot and starts to work on Les Smith for third when the first caution flag waves. On the restart, Spencer hits the infield and loses the fourth spot to Lee Bills. Bills and Spencer end up going three wide for third. In the exchange, Spencer gets a left rear flat, spins and collects Smith, AJ Neidermaier, Zach Kriner, and Tuthill. Carter Dennis and Scott Brown do battle for the fourth spot on the restart while Leo Eldridge takes over the sixth spot. On a later restart, Lee Bills went side by side with Jeredd Dennis and tried to throw a slider in turns 3 and 4 which made Dennis get off the gas and allowed Scott Brown to enter the battle. Brown slides past both Dennis and Bills. Bills and Dennis make contact heading into turn 3 which gave Dennis a right rear flat which would cause the late race yellow. The restart would better the likes of Greg Young and Brent Williams who worked their way up to a solid top 10 run. Young and Bills were in a battle for third when Bills blocked the bottom on Young heading into turn 3, the contact would put both cars at the rear of the field on the restart. Though no matter how many restarts, Woodard would be able to hold off Brown to get the win.

The Big Jims Wicked Tees Mini Stocks take to the track for their Dgien Trucking Night Makeup Feature. Ray Hyer and Josh Webster would lead the field to the green. Hyer will lead the opening lap over Webster and Jason Ketrow with Warner and Amidon fighting for fourth. Hyer slips up and allows both Webster and Ketrow to get by for the top two spots. Meanwhile Travis Webster worked his way through the pack and was up to 5th when the caution flag flew for the first time. Travis Webster is able to sneak by to make his way up to third and go after Josh Webster and Jason Ketrow for the lead. Ketrow would move his Woodhull Auto Supply 11 to the top and take away the lead from Josh Webster near the half way mark. Travis Webster would follow in his tire tracks and move past his brother for 2nd however Travis would hit the cushion in turn one which throws the car up over the cushion and loses ground on the top two. Travis Webster works his way back up through to then catch his brother and gets by for second with just 3 laps to go. Both Webster brothers were close but couldn’t pass Jason Ketrow as he wins the makeup feature.

As the regular night would get underway, the Insinger Performance Modifieds had 15 cars to fill the field of competition with Donnie Lawson and Billy Van Pelt winning heat races. For the 25 lap feature, Lawson and Mike Bills would lead the field to green. Lawson would lead down the backstretch with Costa getting around Bills for second. As the laps clicked off, three drivers slowly made through the field into the top spots. Van Pelt led the charge with Josh Keesey and Dan Creeden making their way through the field as well. It would only take a few laps for Van Pelt to find the top lane and get around Mike Bills for third. Yellow lights would come on for a car stopped at the top of turn 1 which slows down the race. On the ensuing restart, Van Pelt would get by Costa and Lawson in four laps to take over the top spot. Costa would follow in his tire tracks getting by Lawson for second with only 5 laps to go. A problem with Van Pelt’s car on lap 23 would cause him to surrender the lead to Costa with only 2 laps remaining. Costa would hold off Lawson and win his first of 2020 at the High Banks.

The Cummings Trucking RUSH Late Models take to the speedway with 16 cars ready for racing. Steve LeBarron and Jason Knowles win preliminary heat races. Jason McGregor and Chris Fleming lead the field to green. McGregor leads lap one while Brian Knowles gets around Fleming for second, John Haggerty and Joe Layfield side by side for fourth. Chris Fleming was able to take back second from Knowles while using the bottom lane but a couple of laps later, Fleming goes high through corner four and that allowed Knowles to take back over the runner up spot. These two would battle all race long. Jason Knowles and Steve LeBarron marched their way through the field after starting midpack. During a long green flag stretch, Fleming was able to keep Knowles at bay and was only a few car lengths behind McGregor when the caution flag would fly. Haggerty used this restart to his advantage as he was able to use the bottom line to get by Knowles for third. Jason McGregor was able to hold his line smoothly around the bottom and get his first victory at Woodhull in 2020 over Fleming, Haggerty, Brian Knowles and Jason Knowles.

The third class to take to the track was the NAPA Crate Sportsman with 22 drivers signed in. Kreg Crooker, Bob Butcher, Art Goodier take home heat race wins. Isabel Barron and AJ Costley led the field to Tony Van Pelts green flag. Barron would grab the lead with Costley holding back Blake Lawson for second in the early laps. Costley would find some momentum and try to pull alongside Barron for the lead but Barron was able to hold him off. Near the midway point, something breaks on the Costley machine which prohibits him from competing during the rest of the feature. Lawson now inherits the runner up spot while Cole Youse is trying to hold back a fast Kreg Crooker for third. Just a few laps later, Crooker finds the momentum he needed to make a run through the middle groove and overtake Youse for third. Just a few laps after a restart, Lawson slips up and allows Crooker to get by on the exit of turn four for second. With three laps to go, Crooker once again goes to the middle groove and is able to pull alongside Barron for the lead. Crooker takes the lead with 2 laps to go putting Barron back to second. Just after taking the white flag, Barron gets into the yuke tire on the infield and breaks the left front wheel which ends her night. Crooker holds on to win back to back NAPA Crate Sportsman features over Lawson and Youse.

The Big Jim’s Wicked Tees Woodhull Warriors were next up with Jacob Tubbs winning the heat race. Keegan Smith and Levi Riley led the field to green. Riley took the lead into turn one putting Smith back to second while Marshall O’Brian, Tubbs, Bradly Morseman, and Jordan Costley race for third. Contact between Tubbs and O’Brian brings out the first yellow and puts them both to the back of the field. On the restart, Tubbs is able to work his way back up to third while Morseman finds some much needed momentum to put himself back into fourth. Riley holds a steady lead over Smith. Smith soon sees the 89jr of Tubbs on the bottom lane as Tubbs is able to put himself into the runner up spot. Morseman sees the same of O’Brian as O’Brian works by him for fourth. In the end, no one is able to catch Levi Riley as he will pick up the win.

Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks are out for their second feature of the night. Jeredd Dennis, Chris Woodard, Les Smith pick up heat race wins with Dick Wallace and Zach Kriner leading the field to green. Wallace led down the back stretch but slipped up in three and four which let Scott Brown and Jeredd Dennis get by for first and second in lap one. Brent Williams was able to get by Matt Millard for fourth on the bottom. Dennis was able to take command after Brown has a tight race car in turn four on lap 3. Lee Bills found a way around Williams for third as Carter Dennis, Chris Woodard, and Greg Young made their way through the field. Mike Spencer found himself up to fifth but a flat tire just after the half way mark would end his evening. Woodard and Young would battle to get by Leo Eldridge in the late stages but Jeredd Dennis wouldn’t be denied as he would pick up the win over Scott Brown and Lee Bills.

The Big Jim’s Wicked Tees Mini Stocks were up next to take the track. After Brody Amidon and Josh Webster took home heat race wins it was Chris Hand and Dana Stevens leading the field to green. Stevens did not get a great start and ends up facing the front straightaway wall after contact was made with Travis Webster and Dylon Morseman. Webster’s night would be marred with a broken right front. The restart would see Scott Lehman taking the lead while Jason Warner and Ray Hyer make their way up into the top 3 with Amidon in hot pursuit. Warner and Amidon sneak by on the bottom and Ketrow looks to do the same. In turn two Amidon spins and collects Josh Webster to bring out the caution. During the restart, Warner tried to hold back Ketrow but Ketrow found speed through the middle groove to put himself into second and just a few laps later he was able to get by Lehman for the lead. Webster and Amidon were able to recover from the spin earlier to move through the field. Webster had a run off turn four and made contact with Warner which saw Warner spinning into the field. The yellow would put Webster to the tail with Warner. Ketrow would not be denied at the checkered flag as he would win back to back features. Scott Lehman would finish second with Brody Amidon finishing third.

The Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks had 14 cars sign in, Glenn Whritenour and Kurt Stebbins win heat races. Bill Tice and Dan Gardner led the field to green. Off the start, Tice and Gardner make contact which flattens Gardner left front and the feature comes to a slow pace for the first yellow. Tice led the opening lap but Brett Marlatt, Joe Birdsall, and Austin Allen all were there to take over the top 3 on lap 2. It was a Canisteo Trifecta for the interim but Kurt Stebbins got around Allen for third to spoil the party. Stebbins gained momentum to work by Birdsall on lap 5 to put himself into second while Marlatt led six car lengths ahead. Problems with Glenn Whritenour on lap 6 would see him heading pit side and would be out the rest of the race. Brett Crawford and Dylan Cecce made their presence known as they worked their way through the field with Mick the Quick Seeley and Luke Boom. Birdsall and Allen get together to cause a yellow. In the end, Marlatt was able to hold off Kurt Stebbins to get his first win of 2020.

The final feature of the night was the Johnson’s Auto Supply Front Wheel Drives with 12 cars signed in. Codie Baker and Jacob McConnell win heat races with Adam Delgrosso and Travis Southard drawing the top two spots for the feature. Delgrosso will come out with the early lead with Scott Lehman Jr getting by Southard for second. Tom Childs gets by Travis Southard for third while Nate Freeland and Mike Ferris battled for fifth. Freeland and Ferris both catch and work by Southard as McConnell gets by all three to take over fourth. Meanwhile Baker works the top side of Matt Prescott and Freeland to try and take over fifth. McConnell quickly catches Childs and makes a move on the bottom to take over third. McConnell slowly closes in on the top two but it wouldn’t be enough time. Adam Delgrosso holds off Scott Lehman Jr to take his first win of 2020 over Lehman Jr, McConnell, Baker, and Childs.

Woodhull Raceway Results – August 8, 2020 – Pizza N Stuff and Dave’s Custom Logging Night

Insinger Performance Modifieds (15 cars)

Heats: Donnie Lawson, Billy Van Pelt

Feature (25 laps): CORY COSTA, Donnie Lawson, Josh Keesey, Mike Bills, Dan Creeden, Brady Fultz, Ajay Potrzebowski II, Dayton Brewer, Brian Doolittle, Joe Dgien, Frank Dunning, Sheldon Gardner, Billy Van Pelt, Sam Allen, Ryan Tracy

Cummings Trucking RUSH Late Models (16 cars)

Heats: Steve LeBarron, Jason Knowles

Feature (20 laps): JASON MCGREGOR, Chris Fleming, John Haggerty, Brian Knowles, Jason Knowles, Steve LeBarron, Jared Keeney, Chuck LaFleur, Tony Kelley, Joe Layfield, Darin Horton, Greg Mrzywka, Clayton Tarabori, Kurt Stebbins, Judd Carney, Ike Fanton

DNS- Jim Buck

Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks (22 cars)

8/1 Dgien Trucking Night Makeup Feature (20 Laps): CHRIS WOODARD, Scott Brown, Carter Dennis, Mike Spencer, Leo Eldridge, Dick Wallace, Brent Williams, Zach Kriner, Dennis Loucks, Lee Bills, Greg Young, Jeredd Dennis, Jesse Tuthill, Nathan Kriner, Matt Sullivan, Mike Carapella, Les Smith, AJ Neidermaier

Heats: Jeredd Dennis, Chris Woodard, Les Smith

Feature (20 laps): JEREDD DENNIS, Scott Brown, Lee Bills, Carter Dennis, Chris Woodard, Greg Young, Zach Kriner, Matt Millard, Brent Williams, Leo Eldridge, James Millard, Mike Spencer, Dick Wallace, Jimmy Hollister, Nathan Kriner, Dennis Loucks, Glenn Aumick

Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks (14 cars)

Heats: Glenn Whritenour, Kurt Stebbins

Feature (20 laps): BRETT MARLATT, Kurt Stebbins, Brett Crawford, Dylan Cecce, Mick Seeley, Luke Boom, Mike Williams, Dan Gardner, Joe Birdsall, Austin Allen, Bill Tice, Glenn Whritenour, Ted Morseman

Big Jim’s Wicked Tees Woodhull Warriors (7 cars)

Heat: Jacob Tubbs

Feature (10 laps): LEVI RILEY, Jacob Tubbs, Keegan Smith, Marshall O’Brian, Bradly Morseman, Jordan Costley

DNS- Ethan Decker

NAPA Crate Sportsman (22 cars)

Heats: Kreg Crooker, Bob Butcher, Art Goodier

Feature (25 laps): KREG CROOKER, Blake Lawson, Cole Youse, Greg Crooker, Dale Welty, Christian Zschoche, Ajay Potrzebowski, David Mayo, Connor Brown, Will Wood, Aiden Grover, Dylan Gilbert, Cayden Lawson, Isabel Barron, Danielle Thomas, Noah Talada, Bob Butcher, AJ Costley, Ted Morseman, Kinser Hill, Carter Crooker, Art Goodier

DQ- Reese Hackett

Johnson’s Auto Supply Front Wheel Drives (12 cars)

Heats: Codie Baker, Jacob McConnell

Feature (20 laps): ADAM DELGROSSO, Scott Lehman Jr, Jacob McConnell, Codie Baker, Tom Childs, Nate Freeland, Matt Prescott, Garrett Wilson, Mike Ferris, Todd Mclain, Travis Southard, Richard Moore

Big Jim’s Wicked Tees Mini Stocks (13 cars)

8/1 Dgien Trucking Night Makeup Feature (20 Laps): JASON KETROW, Travis Webster, Josh Webster, Brody Amidon, Jason Warner, John Hand Jr, Dylon Morseman, Chris Hand, Dana Stevens, Jeremy Smith, Tyler Houghtaling, Ray Hyer

DNS- Josh Snyder, Richard Harding, Kenneth Evans

Heats: Brody Amidon, Josh Webster

Feature (20 laps): JASON KETROW, Scott Lehman, Brody Amidon, Ray Hyer, Jason Warner, Dylon Morseman, Josh Webster, John Hand Jr, Chris Hand, Tyler Houghtaling, Travis Webster, Dana Stevens


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