Arnot Mall Car Show

  • March 12-13th, 2022

    • Cars Move In Friday March 11th After Mall Closes​

  • Arnot Mall - Horseheads, NY

  • Drivers Can Register Below

    • Drivers Who Bring Car To Show Will Be Entered To Win A Pit Season Pass​

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Drivers Entered:

Levi Riley (00R)

Mick Seeley (31)

Danielle Thomas (44M)

Mike Spencer (425)

Gregg Turner (00X)

Teddy Morseman (44, 44K)

Michael Golotty (69S)

Marshall O'Brian (32)

Jeff Lafler (21)

Travis Webster (F7)

Travis Southard (44s)

Joseph Gillespie (52N)

Lyle Daum (47)

Brandon Butler (16)

William Torrence (01)

Kevin Doud (98)

AJay Potrzebowski Sr (72)

AJay Potrzebowski Jr (72)
Ethan Decker (5)

Garrett Heffner (8x)

Stan Krise (14x)

Jimmy Hollister (17H)

Richard Harding (14H)

Doug Hamilton (47K)

Billy Van Pelt (2)

Lawrence Faucett (9)

Aaron Miller (20)

Les Smith (8x)

Isabel Barron (4)

Cole Youse (8)

Jacob Tubbs (89JR)