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2022  Quick Results/Story Media Policy

Kenny Shupp Jr.  Woodhull Raceway Public Relations Director

As I indicated in a press release earlier this year, I have been working to secure an individual to assist with the Quick Results along with the Full Race Story that is submitted each race event to the working media and others that have wished to be on the mailing list.  Thus far no one has been knocking down the door to help and after 50 years of doing this I am cutting back.

With many graduations, weddings, a class reunion, family reunion and other Saturday events there will be numerous weeks where I Will Not be at the track so the information that I receive will be vague and second hand.  For half a decade I gave up those same functions to be at the track, I am no longer doing that!  There will be no timeline on when the Quick Results are emailed out. In the past I have been able to get them out early Sunday morning and by that, I mean within minutes after the final checkered flag has dropped.  The full race story is usually completed and issued by noon on Sunday.  Again, there are no guarantees when these will be issued so I am making everyone aware of this prior to the start of racing season so those that love to chime in on social media complaining about everything know what the deal is before we even get rolling.

In addition, nights when I am not at the track the full race story will be a much shorter than the usual report and even when I am there the story will be abbreviated as recently many of the news outlets including web sites and trade papers are limiting the number of words that can be submitted in each full story.  In other words, if it goes over so many words that source goes, chop, chop to the story and a lot of information gets deleted.  As you can well imagine with eight weekly classes it takes a lot of space to cover each individual division and try and give each one a certain amount of respectable coverage. When photos are included, the story is shortened even more.  

By abbreviating things and no longer guaranteeing certain deadlines for the story and results it in no way shows any disrespect I have to the track, its ownership, fans, sponsors or competitors.  However, and as I stated earlier, I have been doing this for 50 years starting in 1972 at this place.  I am not retired, just plain tired and it is time for me to cut back.

Since last October, my wife and I have lost well over forty close friends, family members, school classmates and business colleagues.  Some due to Covid, others to different causes of death.  It has a way of changing one’s priorities in life!

In 2021 I penned a story for Area Auto Racing News where I am also a contributing writer.  It was about the next generation of announcers, media and public relations people, scorers, race directors, flaggers, pit stewards and technical advisors and where are they coming from.  This is a growing problem not only at Woodhull but at every other track as well.  The question remains, “Where is the next generation”?  Simply put, “They are not arriving”!

Thanks for everyone’s time, consideration and understanding in this matter.

Respectfully yours,

Kenny Shupp Jr.

Promotions and Consulting LLC.

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