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Woodhull Raceway Pulls Plug On Modified Kick Off Night After Unfavorable Weather

Woodhull, NY - More early spring rain leads to a decisive noon cancellation by Terry and Nikki Brewer of the Woodhull Raceway for another attempt at opening the 2023 Racing Season. Rain overnight caused some damp grounds that would need more than just a light breeze to dry.

"Today the air is very damp, it's almost misting it is so damp," stated Nikki Brewer as she was preparing for Saturday night's event. "We would need a good amount of sunshine and a constant wind to dry out the surface and the grounds."

The forecast currently calls for more rain into the evening hours especially with a passing shower around 7pm which is right when the track would be in the middle of heat race action. However more rain is in the forecast as the night goes on.

The Woodhull Raceway now looks to next Saturday May 6th for the, so far, eluded Season Opener. More information will be in a later press release including sponsors and nights events along with more information on April 29th sponsor rearrangements for Alfred State College, White's Repair & Towing, and Reaper Forestry Mulching.


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