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Carapella, Marlatt Earn First Wins Of 2021;Van Pelt, Amidon, Peoples, Knowles, Baker, Riley Repeats

Rinehimer wins special 270 Micro event.

Story by Kenny Shupp Jr.

(Woodhull, NY) After coming off the August 10 Short Track Super Series event just a few days earlier it was q quick turnaround for not only the staff of Woodhull Raceway, but race teams as well. Pepsi, the official drink beverage of the track as well as Twin Tier Detailing were onboard as nightly event sponsors and with picture perfect weather the capacity crowd was treated to a great night of racing.

Earlier is the season, Woodhull’s winningest Modified winner, Billy VanPelt suffered thru uncommon mechanical issues, flat tires and other woes. However, as of late BVP has begun to look more like himself and is now hitting his stride appearing to be on his way to take home track title twenty-three as the point season is quickly coming to an end. With a far shorter than normal Insinger Performance Modified field, BVP started the twenty-five-lap feature in the seventh slot and quickly moved to third. Pole sitter, Mike Bills led the opening pair of laps before being overhauled by Joe Dgien who would hold the top spot until lap six when VanPelt would take the high line and assume the lead. With only a pair of yellow flags to slow the pace, VanPelt was able to drive away and with no challenges went on the claim feature win number 4 on the season. When the checkers came down BVP had a halftrack lead over second place finisher, Joe Dgien who finished five car lengths over third place runner, Donnie Lawson who finished in the third and final podium spot. Russell Morseman was finally back in Saturday action after sitting out over half the season waiting for motor parts, a common problem for many engine builders during COVID. Brian Doolittle put on another steady performance to round the top five.

The Cummings Trucking RUSH Late Models were up next with third place starter, Darin Horton not wasting time in taking the top spot. With only one caution to slow the pace, Horton looked poised to take home his first feature of 2021. However, no lead is insurmountable when Brian Knowles gets heat in his right rear tire. Knowles, who lined up tenth on the grid methodically worked his way thru traffic into second and with the laps running down Porkchop Knowles appeared to be the bridesmaid, but a combination of Horton slowing and Knowles gaining momentum, Horton’s lead was beginning to disappear and with two to go, Knowles got to Horton and with the white rag waving made a pass for the lead, pulled away and rode home to feature win four on the season and with brother Jason skipping the night he would extend his point advantage. A disappointed Horton would have to settle for second after a brilliant drive with Jim Buck claiming third. Jason McGregor rode home for fourth with Chuck LaFleur taking fifth place money,

After a nationally televised STSS 602 Crate Sportsman feature at Woodhull four days earlier, all the tracks heavy hitters in the class were back in action. AJ Costley would bring the field to the opening green flag and would lead the first three laps before being overhauled by veteran driver, Dale Welty who would hold court thru the next eighteen laps. During that time Welty was under pressure from former class track champ, Kenny Peoples Jr. and finally on lap twenty-three was able to pass Welty on the low side coming out of turn two and go on to his second feature win of 2021. Peoples credits a suspension change from coil over’s back to the more traditional torsion bar set up which he claims that the bars are much more comfortable for him to drive. Welty held on for second with Ted Morseman claiming third after starting fifth. Current point leader, Josh Kesey started alongside of Morseman and chased him across the line while Kaiden Dgien would round the top five.

The Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks were up next with Mike Carapella bringing the nineteen-car field to the green. In a class that is supported by a closely knit group of drivers, the event was run off in record time with only a pair of quick caution flags to slow the pace. With Carapella in front and Scott Brown chasing, Carapella was able to put an earlier season rollover well behind him and go onto his first Hobby Stock win after a previously successful career in Super Stock competition. Brown came home for second as he was chased across the line by Paul Dgien, Brian Conklin and Carter Dennis.

In Joe Willcox Performance Street Stock feature action, Brett Marlatt was finally able to find victory lane after a season filled with nothing but problems. Tires, wrecks, wrong place wrong time, you name it, and the former Street Stock Champ and last year’s winner of the Joe Willcox/Woodhull 100 was finally able to put it all together by taking the lead on lap one, with stand no less than five caution flags which kept the field bunched and go on the popular win. Marlatt is well liked by drivers and fans, so the victory was well received. Josh Webster kept the pressure on Marlatt but settled for second with Mick Seeley having another great drive finishing third. Laverne Knickerbocker and Lance Baker would take home fourth and fifth.

The Johnson Auto Supply sponsored FWD class once again found the cream rise to the top with Ryan Austin taking the jump right off the opening green in an event that he would lead thru lap four when overhauled by Codie Baker and from there Baker would go onto feature win four on the campaign. The race was slowed just once when the red flag was displayed for fire under the hood of the Jeff Lafler machine. Lafler was ok! Chasing Baker across the line were other class heavy weights in Adam Delgrosso and Nate Freeland as Andrew Kramer and Wesley Houghtaling completed the top five.

The Big Jim’s Wicked Tee’s Mini Stocks twenty-five lap feature was the final event of the action- packed night. Jeff Stone and Dylan Morseman brought the eleven -car field to the green but it only took a few laps for fifth place starter, Brody Amidon to wheel his way to the front and go on to his seventh win of the season and extend his point advantage. On the last lap, Amidon’s number one nemesis, Jason Warner met the front straight away concrete wall hard after contact with a lapped machine ending his night with extensive front-end damage. On the restart, Amidon pulled away to the win with Dylan Morseman finishing in the runner up slot while Rick Amidon, Jacob Tubbs and Jeff Stone completed the top five.

The 270 Micro Sprints made their yearly trek to the high banks of the Woodhull Raceway with Dennis Rinehimer of Bloomsburg, Pa. going away with the green to checkered feature run as he was chased across the line by Rick Francis.

Congratulations to all competitors.

Up next at Woodhull will be the second and final appearance of the 2021 season for the360 Patriot Sprint Tour. That in addition to several of Woodhull’s weekly classes.

Gates for the August 21 event open at 4:30 with racing at 6:30.

For more information about the event go to

WOODHULL RACEWAY RESULTS. August 14, 2021. (Unofficial)

Pepsi and Twin Tiers Detailing Night.

Car counts based on sign in, not on feature finish.


Heats. Billy VanPelt, Jake Dgien.

25 lap feature. BILLY VANPELT (4), Joe Dgien, Donnie Lawson, Russell Morseman, Brian Doolittle, Mike Bills, Dayton Brewer, Bob Silvernail, Ryan Tracy, Jake Dgien, Larry Keegan, Brayden Bills, Brady Fultz.


Heats. Darin Horton, Brad Smith,

20 lap feature. BRIAN KNOWLES (3), Darin Horton, Jim Buck, Jason McGregor, Chuck LaFleur, John Waters, Steve LeBarron, Pat Parker, Brad Smith, Judd Carney, Austin Allen, Joe Layfield.

270 MICRO SPRINTS. (11 cars).

Heats. Rick Francis, Denny Rinehimer

20 lap feature. Denny Rinehimer, Rick Francis,


Heats. AJ Costley, Dale Welty, Kaiden Dgien.

25 lap feature. KENNY PEOPLES JR. (2), Dale Welty, Ted Morseman, Josh Keesey, Kaiden Dgien, Isabel Barron, Stacy Jackson, Christian, Zschoche, Art Goodier, Tim Guild, Aiden Grover, Cayden Lawson, David Mayo, AJ Costley, Blake Lawson, Josh Matakura, Alexandria Smith, Adam Taft, Greg Crooker, Danielle Thomas. DNS, Matt Strauss.


Heats. Leo Eldridge, Mike Carapella, Jeredd Dennis.

20 lap feature. MIKE CARAPELLA, Scott Brown, Paul Dgien, Brian Conklin, Carter Dennis, Jason Ketrow, Mike Spencer, Greg Young, Glenn VanCise, Joe Birdsall, Scotty Brown, Dick Wallace, Leo Eldridge, Allison Pierce, Dillon Philip, Glen Aumick, Amber Pierce, Jeredd Dennis, Brian Austin,


Heats. Lance Baker, Dan Gardner.

20 lap feature. BRETT MARLATT, Josh Webster, Mick Seeley, Laverne Knickerbocker, Lance Baker, Travis Webster, Brett Crawford, Luke Boom, Dan Gardner, Bill Tice, Nate Arnold, Ted Morseman, Mark Phelps, Marcus Springer, Mike Williams, Zach Kriner.


Heats. Ryan Austin, Adam Delgrosso.

20 lap feature. CODIE BAKER (4), Adam Delgrosso, Nate Freeland, Andrew Kramer, Wesley Houghtaling, Trevor Putt, Carl O’Dell, Travis Southard, Kenny Hunt, Larry Keeney, Ryan Austin, Garrett Wilson, Jeff Lafler, Jeff Ganoung, Don Williams, Jacob McConnell.


Heat. Jason Warner.

20 lap feature. BRODY AMIDON (7), Dylon Morseman, Rick Amidon, Jacob Tubbs, Jeff Stone, Justin Stone, Justin Horton, Richard Harding Jr., Jason Warner, Travis Southard, Brian Avery.


15 lap feature. LEVI RILEY (8), Ridge Cobb, Bradly Morseman, Keegan Smith, Marshall O’Brian,

Jaden Stone, Brayden Feenaughty, Jasmine Southard, Kayleigh Morseman.


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