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Whritenour Victorious At The ‘Steve Kent Memorial 100’ At Woodhull Raceway

Whritenour Victorious At The ‘Steve Kent Memorial 100’ At Woodhull Raceway

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release: September 28, 2019 - Joe Kaminski Jr Photo

(WOODHULL,NY)- Brian Doolittle and Josh Nobriga set the Crate Sportsman division this past Saturday. Doolittle moved into the lead as Cole Youse moved into second. By lap five, veteran driver, Donnie Lawson took over the second spot moving Youse back to fourth. After a restart Lawson was ready to take over the lead. He started to put pressure on Doolittle. Lawson looked to the inside but a caution we reset the field. Lawson looked to the inside again on lap seven. Lap eight would see Lawson take over the lead as he and Doolittle raced under the flag stand.

Doolittle put up a fight and immediately started to try and get the lead back. Meanwhile Brett Buono and Isabel Barron battled for a top five spot. Buono claimed the fifth spot at the line on lap nine. Stacy Jackson found his way back into the top ten after being involved in a caution earlier in the race. Lawson would be right on during the restarts leaving Doolittle to keep fighting. Lawson would get the win with Doolittle, Nobriga, Youse, Buono rounding out the top five.

Brett Marlatt started things off well in the ‘Steve Kent Memorial 100’ for the Street Stocks. The first quarter of the race brought lots of tight racing. Drivers were pushing to grab spots while some were reserving their car for the second half of the 100-lap event. Last year’s winner, Kurt Stebbins seemed to have a tight race car and seemed to loose positions through the corner. Whritenour a known competitor at the ‘highbanks’ moved his way up to meet Marlatt. Marlatt held the lead as they breezed into the second quarter. Two laps before the break, Whritenour took the lead away from Marlatt.

At the halfway point the top five looked like this Whritenour, Marlatt, Teddy Morseman, Tracy Dunn and Jared Hill. Marlatt tried to pull up along side of Whritenour but didn’t have enough to make it happen. Morseman started to put pressure on Marlatt and by lap 91 was able to claim second place. Whritenour was victorious, while Morseman, Marlatt, Stebbins and Dunn finished behind him.

The Crate Late Model division rolled off the grid next. A cool $1,000-to-win was on the line courtesy of Close Racing Supply. Dylan Cecce, in his new no. 7x ride took the lead on lap 1. A caution on lap two would reset the field. Cecce would remain dominant. John Waters moved to the top side and started picking off spots. Cecce continued to lead while behind him his competitors battled for positions. Cecce claimed his first Crate Late Model race while, JJ Mazur, Scott Waters, J. Waters and Kurt Stebbins rounded out the top five.

‘The Skinny’ a 30-lap hobby stock event was next on the docket. Lee Bills grabbed the lead from the green flag. A few cautions reset the field and put Aaron Miller in command. Battles went on throughout the field as drivers were swapping back and forth. Mike Spencer took over the lead and Bills took it back on lap eight. Les Smith and the no. 8x machine moved up to the front and battled for positions. Aj Niedermaier found himself in the lead on lap 15. Niedermaier continued to lead and got the win with Bills, Smith, Scott Brown and Carter Dennis rounded out the top five.

Open Mini Stocks saw some new faces to ‘New York’s Toughest Bullring’. Stan Mathews was one of them. Along with familiar faces such as Jason Ketrow and Rick Amidon. Mathews conquered the ‘bullring’ with Ketrow, Anton Smith, Amidon, and Mike Navone falling right behind him.

The FWD division was small in numbers. Brooke McClain 2019 Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warrior Track Champion moved up into the adult division and has been running right up with veteran drivers Codie Baker and Nick Brown. Despite being involved in a caution McClain ended up third, Baker claimed the win, Brown second Philip Hollowell fourth and Ken Evans fifth.

Joe Willcox Performance Automatics and Scweigart’s Maple Products Night - Woodhull Raceway Official Results - September 28, 2019

Crate Sportsman, 18 cars: DONNIE LAWSON, Brian Doolittle, Josh Nobriga, Cole Youse, Brett Buono, Daryl Krebs, Kaiden Dgien, Gary Smith, Stacy Jackson, Quinton Bucanhan, Isabel Barron, David Mayo, Craig Irvine, Adam Taft, Reese Hackett, Carter Crooker, AJ Costley, Tim Guild

H1: Donnie Lawson, Gary Smith, Quinton Bucanhan

H2: Brian Doolittle, Isabel Barron, Josh Nobriga

H3: Tim Guild, Brett Buono, Cole Youse

Joe Willcox Performance Automatcis ‘Steve Kent Memorial 100’ Street Stocks, 33 cars: GLENN WHRITENOUR, Teddy Morseman, Brett Marlatt, Kurt Stebbins, Tracy Dunn, David Matwiejow, Brett Crawford, Earl Zimmer, Buck Payne, Jimmy Grant, Gene Balmer, Mike Williams, Josh Sawyer, Daryl Krebs, Mick Seeley, Brian Knowles, Oliver Gage, Mike Koser, Bob Buono, Jim Weatherley, Jared Hill, Jeredd Dennis, Dennis Cummings, Carl Cleveland, Dusty Decker, Noah Talada

H1: Jeredd Dennis, Bob Buono, Jimmy Grant

H2: Teddy Morseman, Kurt Stebbins, Brian Knowles

H3: Brett Marlatt, Buck Payne, Tracy Dunn

H4: Glenn Whritenour, Dusty Decker, Mike Williams

Crate Late Models, 15 cars: DYLAN CECCE, JJ Mazur, Scott Waters, John Waters, Kurt Stebbins, Jeremy Wonderling, Tim Schram, Chad Homan, Sam Pennacchio, Brian Knowles, Steve LeBarron, Joe Layfield, Greg Mrzywka, Ron Watson, Art Goodier

H1: Jeremy Wonderling, Scott Waters, Chad Homan

H2: John Waters, Steve LeBarron, Kurt Stebbins

‘The Skinny’ Hobby Stocks, 15 cars: AJ NIEDERMAIER, Lee Bills, Les Smith, Scott Brown, Carter Dennis, Mike Carapella, Scotty Brown, Leo Eldridge, Dick Wallace, Glenn Aumick, Bill Williams, Mike Spencer, Joe Giardina, Aaron Miller, Dennis Loucks, Greg Crooker

H1: Les Smith, Lee Bills, AJ Niedermaier

H2: Aaron Miller, Carter Dennis, Mike Spencer

Open Mini Stocks, 14 cars: STAN MATHEWS, Jason Ketrow, Anton Smith, Rick Amidon, Mike Navone, Jason Warner, Adam Bostwick, Eric Stinson, Dante Mancus, Josh Hall, Larry Colton, Matt Burrell, Justin Neal DNS- Brett Gleason

H1: Stan Mathews, Jason Ketrow, Matt Burrell

H2: Larry Colton, Anton Smith, Rick Amidon

FWD, 5 cars: CODIE BAKER, Nick Brown, Brooke McClain, Philip Hollowell, Ken Evans

H1: Nick Brown, Brooke McClain, Codie Baker

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