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Van Pelt Wins Sixth Consecutive Lyle Sherwood Memorial At Woodhull Raceway

Van Pelt Wins Sixth Consecutive Lyle Sherwood Memorial At Woodhull Raceway

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy –

For Immediate Release: September 15, 2019 – Joe Kaminski Jr. Photo

(WOODHULL,NY)- The first fall special of the season happened this past Saturday at Woodhull Raceway. The Lyle Sherwood Memorial presented by Griffith Energy and Two Rivers Timber. The two sponsors teamed up to make the payout a cool $2,017. Along with that Brett Deyo and the Short Track Super Series offered a guaranteed starting position for the ‘Super Nationals’ at Afton Motorsportspark in October.

The field was set with a redraw as the points season has ended which concluded the handicapping. Billy Van Pelt had luck with him as he drew the pole with Brady Fultz to his outside. From the drop of the green, Van Pelt kept the lead. Some early race cautions would test his luck, but Van Pelt was ready and on the ball. Russell Morseman and Fultz battled for second. Soon after Joe Dgien would be in the mix battling for second as well. On lap six we saw Dillon Groover start to make moves as he passed Josh Nobriga moving towards the top ten.

Danny Creeden was also battling Dayton Brewer to peak into the top spots. By lap 17, Van Pelt had to negotiate heavy lap traffic. Meanwhile Creeden and Donnie Lawson started moving up a few more spots. Lap 30 Fultz started to catch Van Pelt. Groover moved into the top five as well as Creeden moving into third place all by lap 35. Fultz was nearly glued to the back of the no. 2 machine but couldn’t make a pass before the checkered flags on lap 40. Van Pelt scored his sixth consecutive win while Fultz, Groover, Creeden, and Lawson rounded out the top five.

The open mini stock division came out next. Being an open show, ‘New York’s Toughest Bullring’ saw some competitors it hasn’t seen yet this season. Brody Amidon, graduate of the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warrior division moved up and started on the outside pole for the feature event. Carter Crooker a dominant force in the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stock class all season started in the second row.

It didn’t take long for James Kreidler, a regular at Outlaw Speedway, to find his way to the front. Crooker settled in the fourth spot and waited to make moves. By lap ten, Kreidler continued his lead and opened it up to a half a track over Crooker who moved into second. Kreiler continued to stretch his lead until he came down to the checkered flags. Crooker, Amidon, Adam Bostwick, and Brian Grant rounded out the top five.

The FWD and Warrior division ran together Saturday night. Shawn Gleason was piloting the Nate Freeland owned no. 26 with ‘mk’ attached to the right-side door. Gleason is no stranger to the ‘high banks’. Gleason and Chris Shelley led the field to green. Brooke McClain, also a graduate from the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors moved up into the adult FWD division. McClain moved up into second, keeping pace with Gleason. Jacob Tubbs, Woodhull Warrior competitor staid in the clear and managed to keep a good pace with the adult division. Gleason won the FWD division with McClain, Shelley and Kevin Williams finishing the field. Jacob Tubbs would be scored as the winner of the Woodhull Warrior division.

The RUSH Crate Late Models were led to the green flag by Steve LeBarron and Jason McGregor. Kurt Stebbins, second place points finisher in the Cummings Trucking RUSH Crate Late Model division started in third place. It didn’t take long for Stebbins to be up to the front. McGregor put up a fight but Stebbins took the lead and didn’t look back. The field had plenty of racing room and spread out during their 20-lap event. Stebbins brought home the win with McGregor, LeBarron, Joe Layfield and Clayton Tarabori rounding out the top five.

Ted Morseman and Bobby Peoples brought the Crate Sportsman field to green. Morseman grabbed the lead off the start. After some early race cautions Kenny Peoples Jr. moved into second place. Morseman and Peoples Jr. battled for the first place spot while cars jumbled and fought for positions behind them. Peoples Jr. moved up to the high side, in similar fashion to Lyle Sherwood, and tried to make it past Morseman but a caution would reset them and force Peoples Jr. to try again.

Peoples Jr. would take over the lead at the line. Cole Youse would battle Peoples and Morseman for top five positions. Donnie Lawson who was running double duty moved up into the top five and worked his way into third. On lap 17, Lawson took second and set his sight on Peoples Jr. Lawson wouldn’t quite have enough to get past Peoples Jr. and would settle for a second-place finish. Morseman, Peoples and Youse rounded out the top five.

Glenn Whritenour led the first lap of the open Street Stock division Saturday night. Jared Hill and Brett Marlatt battled for the sixth-place spot early in the race. The top five started to spread out as Whritenour continued to lead. Brett Crawford and Tracy Dunn battled with Kurt Stebbins as he moved into second. Branden Morseman suffered bad luck as smoke filled the backstretch. This moved Marlatt into the top five. As the final laps clicked off, Marlatt moved into fourth passing Dunn. Stebbins tried to get by Whritenour but didn’t have enough. Stebbins would opt for the second-place finish with Crawford, Marlatt and Dunn rounding out the top five.

Griffith Energy and Two Rivers Timber Night - September 14, 2019 - Woodhull Raceway- Official Results

Lyle Sherwood Memorial Modifieds, 23 cars- BILLY VAN PELT, Brady Fultz, Dillon Groover, Danny Creeden, Donnie Lawson, Russell Morseman, Dayton Brewer, Mike Bills, Josh Keesey, Brian Doolittle, Ron Cartwright, Josh Nobriga, Tyler Siri, Stacy Jackson, Patrick Hoopes, Joe Dgien, Chris Ostrowsky, Bob Silvernail, Kevin Chilson, Frank Dunning, Sheldon Gardner, Cory Costa

H1- Josh Keesey, Cory Costa, Brady Fultz

H2- Donnie Lawson, Ron Cartwright, Russell Morsman

H3- Joe Dgien, Dayton Brewer, Josh Nobriga

Open Mini Stocks, 8 cars- JAMES KREIDLER, Carter Crooker, Brett Gleason, Brody Amidon, Brian Grant, Adam Bostwick, Stanley Matthews DNS- Danielle Thomas

H1- James Kreidler, Stanley Mathews, Carter Crooker

Open FWD, 4 cars- SHAWN GLEASON, Brooke McClain, Chris Shelley, Kevin Williams

H1- Shawn Gleason, Brooke McClain, Chris Shelley

Woodhull Warriors, 2 cars- JACOB TUBBS, Jordan Costley

H1- Jacob Tubbs, Jordan Costley

RUSH Crate Late Models, 6 cars- KURT STEBBINS, Jason McGregor, Steve LeBarron, Joe Layfield, Clayton Tarabori, Darin Horton

H1- Steve LeBarron, Kurt Stebbins, Clayton Tarabori

Crate Sportsman, 15 cars- KENNY PEOPLES JR., Donnie Lawson, Teddy Morseman, Bobby Peoples, Cole Youse, Kaiden Dgien, Tim Guild, Isabel Barron, DJ Robbins, Tony Harris, AJ Costley, Adam Taft, Bob Butcher, Reese Hackett, Brayden Bills

H1- Teddy Morseman, Cole Youse, Bobby Peoples

H2- Kenny Peoples Jr., AJ Costley, Tim Guild

Open Street Stocks, 18 cars- GLENN WHRITENOUR, Kurt Stebbins, Brett Crawford, Brett Marlatt, Tracy Dunn, Mike Williams, Josh Sawyer, Gene Balmer, Gene Sharpsteen, Brandon Birdsall, Mick Seeley, Noah Talada, Branden Morseman, Jared Hill, Quinn Sutherland, Jesse Tuthill

H1- Branden Morseman, Glenn Whritenour, Jared Hill

H2- Kurt Stebbins, Brett Crawford, Mike Williams

H3- Brett Marlatt, Gene Balmer, Tracy Dunn

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