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Kurt Stebbins Victorious Times Two On Fireworks Extravaganza Night

Kurt Stebbins Victorious Times Two On Fireworks Extravaganza Night

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release: July 1, 2019 - Joe Kaminski Jr. Photo

(WOODHULL,NY)- Mother Nature put race fans and drivers to the test. As fans and haulers piled through the pits the rain finally stopped and the sun peeked through the clouds. 131 cars filled the pit area and were ready to battle for the win with Instant Heat Wood Pellets being the nightly sponsor.

Insinger Performance Modifieds kicked things off heat and feature events. 28 modifieds competed for a spot in the feature event. Last week’s winner, ‘B-Mart’, Brandon Martin, took away a heat win along with Russell Morsmean, Ron Cartwright, and Thunder Mountain regular, Jeremy Smith, picked up the final heat race.

9 cars line up for a consi event with four qualifying, Josh Keesey, Bryon Worthing, Frank ‘Stunning’ Dunning, and Chris Ostrowsky found themselves lined up in the back of the main event. Stacy Jackson and Mike Bills led the cars to Tony Van Pelts green flag. Jackson took advantage of his front row starting position and started moving away from the pack.

The action would happen behind him with a few early race cautions. Donnie Lawson would find himself in the top three by lap 5. Lawson and Ron Cartwright battled while Jackson sailed out front. Corey Cormier, Five Mile Point regular found himself battling with Woodhull Raceway driver Cory Costa for positions on lap 10.

Keesey found his way to the front as Cartwright fell back with lap traffic. Costa powered through and closed the gap in between. Jackson moved away from the pack as Lawson, Costa, Cormier, and Keesey battled for top five positions. Jackson claimed the victory with Lawson coming in second, Costa, Cormier, Keesey completing the top five.

Rob Gardner and Adam DelGrosso led the Johnson’s Auto Supply to the second green flag of the night. Codie Baker, who started on the outside of row two claimed the lead early. Nate Freeland got loose coming out of turn three on lap three but kept it straight with Scott Lehman Jr. right behind him.

Freeland got around DelGrosso to claim spot number two on lap three. Lehman Jr. battled DelGrosso for the fourth spot and got around him. Nick Brown and Lehman Jr. battled for second but by lap 20 Brown would have second spot and Lehman Jr. would have to settle for third. Baker won the race while Freeland would finish fourth and Joe Gilesspie would get fifth.

The Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks rolled off third for the feature events. Les Smith grabbed the lead after a few early race cautions shuffled the field. Carter Dennis battled in the top five while points leader, Jeredd Dennis weaved his way through the field.

Chris Woodard found his way up front battling with J. Dennis and Mike Spencer. Smith continued to lead with C. Dennis on his tail. By lap ten J. Dennis was up to third after starting in the eighth position. Lap thirteen Smith tried to hold his line but J. Dennis got around him and took over the lead. J. Dennis won his sixth consecutive win for the Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stock division. Smith settled for second, Woodard, C. Dennis, and Spencer rounded out the top five.

The Cummings Trucking RUSH Crate Late Models rolled off with Kane Stebbins and Dave Richmond on the front row. Kurt Stebbins started working the outside with the start of the green flag. Darin Horton grabbed the lead and Scott Waters jumped into second with the first few laps. S. Waters ran second until lap 10 when he got around Horton.

After a mid-race caution the field got reset put Kurt Stebbins closer to the front. S. Waters still led the field. Brian Knowles moved his way up to fourth place on lap 12. Stebbins found a run in the middle and pulled up alongside S. Waters but could not get it done at first. Kurt Stebbins made a run again with two laps to go and got it. Kurt Stebbins won the feature with B. Knowles in second, Jamie Freeman, Zach Wiech, and Richmond rounding out the top five.

Cara Pitts and Danielle Thomas brought the field to the green flag in the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks. Pitts lead lap one but Thomas quickly took over the race lead.

Amidon who started in row two drove the bottom trying to get up front. Jason Ketrow spun early resetting the field. Carter Crooker who started 15th found his way up to sixth early in the race. Thomas continued to lead with Scott Lehman right behind her. Crooker continued to hunt down Thomas and got set back as the restarts kept resetting the field. Crooker was victorious with Josh Webster, Joshua Oles, Amidon, and Chip Warner rounded out the top five.

Blake Lawson and Brandon Butler brought the 24-car NAPA Crate Sportsman class to the green flag. Lawson had a good start and held the lead for lap 1. Battles went on back through the pack for the first few laps as Lawson and Butler pulled away until the caution re set the field.

Kenny Peoples Jr. made his way up to second early and started challenging Lawson for the lead. Jake Dgien went on the high side and moved up to the third spot in the first quarter of the race. Dgien gained the lead and was battled by Peoples Jr. but had the power to hold him off. Peoples Jr. got second with Tim Guild, AJ Costley, and Connor Brown rounding out the top five.

The Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stock rolled off with Mick Seeley and Noah Talada. Seeley grabbed the lead early and led a substantial amount of laps. Brett Crawford drove his way to the front along with Branden Morseman.

Cautions gave Kurt Stebbins a chance to capitalize on starting farther in the pack as well as other drivers. Crawford got underneath of Seely to challenge for the race lead but Seeley held strong. Stebbins found his way to the front and made a powermove off the back stretch to take the lead away from Seeley. Stebbins claimed the win with Crawford getting second, Seeley, Morseman, and Marlatt rounding out the top five.

The Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors finished the night off. Tess Johnson and Ethan Decker brought the 9-car field to the green flag. Decker grabbed the lead off of turn four. Cayden Lawson had a good start and was battling for positions. Josh Isaman who started fifth found his way to the lead with the help of early race cautions.

Last week’s winner Jacob Tubbs tried to catch Isaman but didn’t have enough and later had to battle with Cayden Lawson for second. Brooke McClain the current point leaders had a hard break in the heat but managed to be a top contender in the feature. Isaman got the win with McClain getting second, Lawson, Tubbs and Amidon rounding out the top five.

Instant Heat Wood Pellets Night- June 29, 2019- Woodhull Raceway

Insinger Performance Modifieds, 28 cars: STACY JACKSON (1), Donnie Lawson, Cory Costa, Corey Comier, Josh Keesey, Ron Cartwright, Russell Morseman, Bryon Worthing, Jeremy Smith, Brady Fultz, Dayton Brewer, Josh Nobriga, Kevin Chilson, Billy Van Pelt, Bobby Davis, Frank Dunning, Ryan Tracy, Tim Schram, Joe Dgien, Brian Doolittle, Darren Smith, Chris Ostrowsky, Brandon Martin, Mike Bills

H1- Brandon Martin, Stacy Jackson, Cory Costa

H2- Russell Morseman, Dayton Brewer, Billy Van Pelt

H3- Ron Cartwright, Cory Comier, Ryan Tracy

H4- Jeremy Smith, Mike Bills, Donnie Lawson

Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD, 11 cars: CODIE BAKER (3), Nick Brown, Scott Lehman Jr., Nate Freeland, Joseph Gillespie, Cody Crowner, Ryan Austin, Adam DelGrosso, Robert Gardner, Garrett Wilson DNS- Derrick Evans

H1- Nate Freeland, Garrett Wilson, Ryan Austin

H2- Codie Baker, Scott Lehman Jr., Adam DelGrosso

Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks, 15 cars: JEREDD DENNIS (6), Les Smith, Chris Woodard, Carter Dennis, Mike Spencer, Scott Brown, Leo Eldridge, Cliff Miller, Brendan Schweigart DQ- Glenn Aumick

H1- Jeredd Dennis, Chris Woodard, Scott Brown

H2- Mike Spencer, Les Smith, Carter Dennis

Cummings Trucking Crate Late Models, 17 cars: KURT STEBBINS (3), Brian Knowles, Jamie Freeman, Zach Wiech, Dave Richmond, Darin Horton, Joe Layfield, Jason Knowles, Brad Smith, Steve LeBarron, Ron Watson, Scott Waters, John Waters, Billy Deming, Kane Stebbins, Jeremy Wonderling, John Haggerty

H1- Zach Wiech, Scott Waters, Brian Knowles

H2- Kurt Stebbins, Jeremy Wonderling, John Waters

Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks, 15 cars: CARTER CROOKER (2), Josh Webster, Joshua Oles, Rick Amidon, Chip Warner, Jason Ketrow, Derrick Puryear, Ray Hyer, Chris Hand, Reese Hackett, Danielle Thomas, Scott Lehman, Cara Pitts, Josh Snyder, Mike Navone

H1- Jason Ketrow, Carter Crooker, Joshua Oles

H2- Scott Lehman, Danielle Thomas, Rick Amidon

NAPA Crate Sportsman, 24 cars: JAKE DGIEN (3), Kenny Peoples Jr., Tim Guild, AJ Costley, Connor Brown, Casey Pavlick, Chris Fisher, Brett Buono, AJay Potrzebowski Jr., Brandon Butler, Adam Taft, Bob Butcher, Mike Bucanhan, Isabel Barron, Matt Meade, Tyler Carlin, Blake Lawson, Kaiden Dgien, Cole Youse, Mike Jackson, Brayden Bills DNS- Cole Clark, Quinton Bucanhan

H1- Connor Brown,

H2- AJay Potrzebowski Jr., Cole Youse, Mike Jackson

H3- Casey Pavlick, Jake Dgien, Blake Lawson

Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks, 15 cars: KURT STEBBINS (3), Brett Crawford, Mick Seeley, Branden Morseman, Brett Marlatt, Dan Gardner, Jospeh Birdsall, Jim Buck, Dennis French, Mike Williams, Mike Koser, Jared Hill, Brandon Birdsall, Jim Weatherly, Noah Talada

H1- Brett Crawford, Brett Marlatt, Kurt Stebbins

H2- Dan Gardner, Jim Buck, Joe Birdsail

Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors, 9 cars: JOSH ISAMAN (1), Brooke McClain, Cayden Lawson, Jacob Tubbs, Brody Amidon, Cameron Nichols, Tess Johnson, Ethan Decker, Jordan Costley DNS- Dylon Morseman

H1- Jacob Tubbs, Dylon Morseman, Brody Amidon

H2- Cayden Lawson, Josh Isaman, Cameron Nichols

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