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Baker, Dennis, And Van Pelt Two For Two At Woodhull

Baker, Dennis, And Van Pelt Two For Two At Woodhull

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2019 - Joe Kaminski Jr. Photo

(WOODHULL,NY)- 25 360-sprint cars came through the gates to race for the Patriot Sprint Tour. Among the 25 were a handful that have never been to the ‘highbanks’. First time Woodhull winner, Davie ‘No Panic’ Franek scored the checkered this past Saturday.

“This race track is amazing” Franek said in victory lane. “You can race anywhere bottom, middle, top, where ever you need to be.” The high side seemed to work for Franek as he made a last lap pass on the outside to win over Gerard McIntyre.

New comer Jonathan Preston finished third with Joe Trenca and ‘The Juice’ Jared Zimbardi rounding out the top five.

The Insinger Performance Modifieds put on a show Saturday night. The Herbie Wright owned 88 modified piloted by Brady Fultz got the race lead off the green flag. Several cautions tested Fultz but he remained strong.

Billy Van Pelt who started in the seventh positioned was battling for second with Cory Costa and Ron Cartwright as the came around for lap five. By lap seven Van Pelt was battling with Fultz for the lead. Fultz’s good run turned sour when the rear end broke putting Van Pelt in first.

Costa was on a hunt to try and take down Van Pelt but couldn’t get it done. Leaving Van Pelt with his second win this season.

Brett Crawford and Jared Hill kicked off the Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks. Crawford grabbed the lead as Tony Van Pelt dropped the green flag. Hill was close in tow but lost control causing him to go to the back of the field.

This put Branden Morseman behind Crawford. The two battled but on lap four Morseman gained the lead. Mick Seeley who started in the back of the pack worked his way up to third but suffered from car issues later in the race making it so he was unable to finish.

Hill found his way back to the top five along with Crawford. However Brett ‘The Jet’ Marlatt made his way up to the top five as well. Morseman saw nothing but checkered as Marlatt, Gardner, Crawford, and Hill finished behind him.

Josh Webster and Rick Amidon came down to the green flag in the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks. Amidon gained the lead going into turn one. Carter Crooker who started in the second row moved into second.

Crooker and Amidon battled for several laps. Crooker gained the lead on lap eleven. Jason Gleason, last weeks winner who started middle of the pack found his way up to fourth. Amidon held on to second even with what appeared to be steering issues.

A late race caution set things back up for Crooker, Amidon, Gleason and Scott Lehman. Crooker was fast on the accelerator and contained his lead. Crooker finished in first getting his first win of the season.

The NAPA Crate Sportsman rolled off with Connor Brown and Steve Hartman III on the front row. Several early race cautions left cars shuffling positions. Brown staid in the lead throughout the shuffling behind him.

Adam Taft who saw himself with an early race caution found his back up to fifth late in the race. Ted Morseman who is a newly crate sportsman driver found himself inside the top ten as well late race.

Brown walked away with the win while Hartman III finished second, Jake Dgien third, Brandon Butler fourth, and Kenny People’s Jr. fifth.

Codie Baker and Robert Gardner rolled off the front row for the start of Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD. Baker grabbed the lead off the start and starting to pull away. Adam DelGrosso who started mid pack found his way up to second by lap three.

Ryan Austin and Nick Brown battled for third for several laps. Austin gained third place and started closing in on DelGrosso. Austin ran the high side leaving DelGrosso to the bottom. Baker continued to have clean air up front running by himself.

Austin gained second on the last lap as Baker came down for the double checkered flags. DelGrosso finished third, Brown fourth, and Jeremy Warren in fifth.

The Woodhull Auto Supply started with Les Smith and Josh Oles. Smith gained the lead off the green flag. Jeredd Dennis who started sixth found himself battling Smith after a few early race cautions.

Carter Dennis found himself upside down after a late race altercation. Dennis was okay and his car suffered minor damages. J. Dennis continued his lead after the caution and won over AJ Niedermaier.

Woodhull Raceway Williams Construction and Spray Foam Night Official Results - May 11, 2019

Insinger Performance Modifieds, 20 cars (25 laps): BILLY VAN PELT (2), Ron Cartwright, Mike Bills, Josh Keesey, Donnie Lawson, Art Goodier, Chris Ostrowsky, Brian Doolittle, Bobby Davis, Tim Schram, Russell Morseman, Cory Costa, Brandon Martin, Ryan Tracy, Stacy Jackson, Brady Fultz, Josh Nobriga, Kevin Chilson, Dayton Brewer, Joe Dgien

H1: Brandon Martin, Ron Cartwright, Joe Dgien

H2: Bobby Davis, Russell Morseman, Ryan Tracy

H3: Josh Nobriga, Brady Fultz, Cory Costa

Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks, 13 cars (20 laps): BRANDEN MORSEMAN (1), Brett Marlatt, Dan Gardner, Brett Crawford, Jared Hill, Brandon Birdsall, Jim Buck, Noah Talada, Jim Weatherley, Mike Williams, Josh Sawyer, Mick Seeley, Dennis French

H1: Jared Hill, Dan Gardner, Mike Williams

H2: Brett Crawford, Branden Morseman, Josh Sawyer

Daugherty Auto Sales&Service Mini Stocks, 16 cars (20 laps): CARTER CROOKER (1), Rick Amdion, Scott Lehman, Jason Ketrow, Derrick Puryear, Reese Hacket, Travis Webster, Danielle Thomas, Chris Hand, Eric Stinson, Josh Snyder, Karl Born, Cara Pitts, Josh Webster. DNS- Chip Warner DQ-Jason Gleason

H1: Carter Crooker, Josh Webster, Jason Ketrow

H2: Scott Lehman, Travis Webster, Rick Amidon

NAPA Crate Sportsman, 22 cars (25 laps): CONNOR BROWN (1), Steve Hartman III, Jake Dgien, Brandon Butler, Kenny Peoples Jr., Adam Taft, AJ Costley, Ted Morseman, Brett Buono, Todd Titus, Brayden Bills, Blake Lawson, Chris Clemons, AJay Potrzebowski Jr., Bob Butcher, Tyler Carlin, Isabel Barron, Steve Shrader, Bryce Martin, Mike Bucanhan, Cole Youse, Tim Guild

H1: Kenny Peoples Jr., Jake Dgien, Connor Brown

H2: AJay Potrzebowski Jr., Brandon Butler, Chris Clemens

H3: Brayden Bills, Tim Guild, Steve Hartman III

Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD, 9 cars (20 laps): CODIE BAKER (2), Ryan Austin, Adam DelGrosso, Nick Brown, Jeremy Warren, Scott Lehman Jr., Devin Bailey, Jake McConnell, Robert Gardner. DNS-Kevin Williams

H1: Jeremy Warren, Codie Baker, Robert Gardner

H2: Adam DelGrosso, Ryan Austin, Nick Brown

Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks, 13 cars (20 laps): JEREDD DENNIS (2), AJ Niedermaier, Les Smith, Scott Brown, Mike Spencer, Leo Eldridge, Jim Sargent, Brent Williams, Cliff Miller, Glenn Aumick, Brendan Schweigart, Josh Oles, Carter Dennis

H1: Josh Oles, Brent Williams, Mike Spencer

H2: Jeredd Dennis, AJ Niedermaier, Les Smith

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