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Passing The Helmet & Gloves From Father To Son

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy –

For Immediate Release – July 21st, 2017 – SWL Awards photo

(WOODHULL) – As we make our way to the half-season mark, many drivers have their cars buckled down and everything figured out. In rare cases however, a driver will have to start from square one and figure out their car after many races of struggles.

This week’s featured driver finally got behind the wheel of his racecar this past weekend for the first time in 2017.

David DuBois came home from military basic training and finally got behind the wheel of his NAPA Crate Sportsman No. 29 machine. Although DuBois’ father Dave was driving the car, it was a new ball game for DuBois.

Dave had been running the Horseheads U.S. Army Recruitment Station ride up until this past weekend. David just finished up his basic training in Missouri and has come home after several months away from home. He spoke Saturday afternoon about the scenario.

“I enlisted in the Army last October. I was shipped out to Missouri in February (for Basic),” DuBois said.

DuBois spent five months in training. DuBois is a part of the military police for the Army and gave a little insight on the type of job he does. He’s part of what is called the Garrison Unit- fairly similar to your regular law enforcement agency.

“You ride around in cop cars, go on calls. You’re basically a police officer,” DuBois expanded.

DuBois was racing for the first time in a while at Woodhull Raceway last Saturday. He started out his career in racing in go-karts and eventually moved up to mini stocks and found himself jumping into Dave’s 370 Modified a lot. Now he has a Crate Sportsman of his own.

“I am excited (and) a little bit nervous,” DuBois said with a smile for his first night of the season at Woodhull Raceway.

DuBois was ready to tackle the night. He was only asking to finish and be able to load the car on to the trailer in one piece. DuBois did well, finishing in 15th and brining it back to the pits, in one piece.

The team even came back on Sunday and participated in the Open Practice session all afternoon. DuBois knew his biggest disadvantage was seat time, which isn’t easy to come by quickly. David took a large amount of laps and did well in trying to shake down the car himself. He and twenty-three other cars were able to log extra laps that will most likely pay dividends in upcoming races.

“Just seat time, track time. I could have been out here driving (all year) and now I only have half a season left,” DuBois noted.

However just for every bad side there is a good side. DuBois did have an advantage. Veteran racer and father, Dave, has been driving the car for the first half of the season.

“He always taught me how to drive so I’m going to drive the way he drives,” DuBois said confidently speaking of his dad’s experience.

Another advantage was DuBois was able to watch footage of his dad racing with the in-car camera they had. It was all prep for his first night back. For now, DuBois’ main goal is to learn the car and the track.

“I plan on running the rest of this year, next year and the years to come,” DuBois mentioned.

DuBois is excited for the rest of the season. As each week goes by he plans on learning more and more to try and earn a trip to Instant Heat Wood Pellets Victory Lane.

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