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Driver Profile: Brian Doolittle No. 7 Insinger Performance 370 Modified

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy –

For Immediate Release – May 26th, 2017 – SWL Awards photo -

(Woodhull, NY) – We see it time and time again that the drivers at Woodhull Raceway come from a line of drivers before them. This week’s driver is no different as he follows his dad’s footsteps in racing.

Brian Doolittle, driver of the No. 7 Insinger Performance 370 Modified has taken on racing since 2002. His father raced prior for about 30 years. Doolittle first found himself in a pro-truck at Black Rock Speedway, which is now called Outlaw Speedway.

“After a few seasons of that I raced for somebody else for a season in the super stocks before moving up into the modifieds.” Doolittle said following his racing experience.

Doolittle has been in a modified ever since 2006. In 2009, Doolittle started racing at Woodhull Raceway full-time. Woodhull Raceway is a tight third-mile track and can have its difficulties, which we’ve heard from other drivers. Doolittle was asked what the hardest part about getting around the track was?

“The hardest part would be the fact that most of the time it’s a single lane racetrack,” Doolittle said.

A single lane racetrack is hard because when you move out of that lane it’s a chance on whether or not you can keep the speed to pass the car in front of you. Therefore, it’s important to get a good starting position.

“Starting position is key around here because we’re all so even, the competition level is high; the quality of racer is not what it used to be. It’s extremely professional and competitive,” Doolittle expanded his answer.

For Doolittle racing isn’t the only thing he loves to do. He’s a big gym enthusiast. If you’re friends with him on any social media site you already know he goes to the gym on a daily basis. During the interview, we talked a little bit about Doolittle’s workout and how it has helped him in the racecar.

Doolittle first started going to the gym when he first got out of high school. Doolittle was looking for a way to stay active after high school and working out was exactly it. Now because of his dedication to working out long races are easier for him. However, Doolittle’s workouts are not specified exactly to help with the racecar.

“I’m more of a hybrid athlete. I do a lot of conditioning, long distance workouts and I also do a lot of weight lifting,” Doolittle said.

We all know working out comes with eating healthy but everyone needs a cheat day and for Doolittle his cheat days are Saturday.

What’s your favorite racetrack food?

“That’s tough. I guess that would be on cheat days. I load up on hamburgers here at Woodhull,” Doolittle responded with a laugh.

Doolittle doesn’t exactly have racing in mind when he’s working out. His main goal is to just become the best he could possibly be.

Along with his personal goals, Doolittle has goals for his racecar. A lot of extra work was put into his car during the offseason to help make it faster and better for this season.

“I just need to continue to get in the handicap zone so we aren’t starting in the back every week.”

Overall Doolittle wants a couple top fives and hopefully gets a win in the modified division. Nevertheless, the chassis Doolittle is running should bring him good luck. Doolittle purchased the chassis from Steve Paine, a multi-track champion. The chassis itself had already had multiple wins and couple track championships on it.

“This car feels great.” Doolittle said, summing it up into one simple sentence.

What is one thing you want the fans and others to remember you by?

“I’d like to be remembered how I see myself, which is a very respectful clean driver. I’d like to get a couple wins to be remembered by too,” Doolittle responded.

Hopefully, we’ll see Doolittle in victory lane soon so he can cross off another goal. While the other racers might be tired out after a long race Doolittle will be jumping out ready to go again.

Stay tuned all season long for more of Megan Dupuy’s driver profiles, as she travels the pit area at Woodhull Raceway to help tell the stories of the drivers that put on a show each week. Megan is finishing her sophomore year at Mansfield University, where she is studying to pursue a career in public relations. She has returned to Woodhull Raceway for her second season as Media Intern- an experience she hopes to make useful in a future career in motorsports media and marketing.

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