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Driver Profile: Cole Youse No. 8 Daugherty’s Auto Sales & Service Woodhull Warrior

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy - For Immediate Release – April 13th, 2017 –

(Woodhull, NY) - Race season is quickly approaching and every race fan and driver is getting excited. Even though Mother Nature has already showed us some rain many of us are looking forward to opening night at Woodhull Raceway April 15. This week’s young driver is eagerly waiting to start his second season in a full-sized mini stock.

Cole Youse, 12, out of Westfield, Pennsylvania will be starting his second season in the youth mini stock division at Woodhull Raceway. The Woodhull Warrior division at the track gives a racing opportunity to kids age12-16, to race a full sized mini stock in both Hot Laps and a ten-lap feature.

Many drivers start in this division and work their way up to a car with more power. Names like Donnie Lawson, Kenny Peoples Jr., Jeffery Daugherty and Ajay Potrzebowski Jr. all started in a class like the Warriors. You wouldn’t see too many kids eager to jump in a full sized racecar.

However, Youse isn’t your average 6th grader- he loves the rush and the challenge racing gives him. When asked what he loved most about racing he finished with, “everything about racing.”

Youse first started racing 4 years ago when he got into a go-kart. After 3 years of racing go-karts, he jumped into a mini stock and nailed down a handful of feature wins at Woodhull and nearly picked up a win at Outlaw Speedway in Dundee.

Last year was a big year of learning for Youse and he plans to use what he learned to progress this season.

“Patience,” was the first thing Youse said he learned last year and is going to try hard to improve upon this season. As for this season, he said he wants to work on running the bottom more. He may need to practice running the bottom more but has no problem running the high side. This season he wants to continue running the high side so he can keep getting better.

Youse found his love for racing the way many of us find our love for racing. It came through his family genes. His dad also raced when Cole was younger. Youse’s dad even brought the Sportsman to Woodhull a few times last season.

This year Youse will continue racing, but at two tracks. You’ll be able to catch the sharp No. 8 at both Woodhull Raceway and Outlaw Speedway. His goal this season is to win the championship at Woodhull and Outlaw Speedway. Most importantly, Youse said he’s, “looking to gain as much as experience as I can so I can further my racing career,” while he’s running the two tracks.

In the future, Youse would love to try to make a career out of racing, but for now is content with it being a hobby. Just like any racer, he would love to move up and get into a bigger, more powerful car. Ideally, he would love to make a career in racing and drive a World of Outlaw Late Model.

Cole Youse is a great driver and future star in the making. With his determination and dedication to the sport, he’ll be able to make his dreams a reality each and every weekend this season. Look for Cole in the primarily black No. 8 on Saturday nights on the High Banks at Woodhull Raceway.

Stay tuned all season long for more of Megan Dupuy’s driver profiles, as she travels the pit area at Woodhull Raceway to help tell the stories of the drivers that put on a show each week. Megan is finishing her Sophomore year at Mansfield University, where she is studying to pursue a career in business, marketing and public relations. She has returned to Woodhull Raceway for her second season as Media Intern- an experience she hopes to make useful in a future career in motorsports media and marketing.

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