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Driver Profile: Brandon Martin #43 NAPA Crate Sportsman

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release – August 3rd, 2016 – Shane Jackson photo -

Ask any driver who races at Woodhull Raceway what one of their favorite things about the track is and they will respond with the competition. Woodhull Raceway is loaded with competition to go around each division.

Each week you never know who is going to grace Instant Heat Wood Pellets Victory Lane. This week’s profiled driver is a weekly competitor who has been fighting to come out on top, but has yet to do that in 2016.

Brandon Martin is a 30-year-old police officer, who races at Woodhull Raceway in the NAPA Crate Sportsman. Martin works for the Canisteo Police Department. He drives the No. 43 crate sportsman in the NAPA Crate Sportsman division.

Martin has raced for ten years. He has raced front wheel drives, mini stocks, crates and modifieds.

Just like many other racers, Martin got into racing because of his family. During the interview we asked how he got into racing and his response was simple and clear.

“My grandfather,” Martin responded. His grandfather raced back in the day and got Brandon into racing, and he quickly caught the racing bug.

In racing, you will almost always acquire a nickname from your friends or fellow competitors. Some people get their nickname for how they race, while others acquire their nickname off the track.

Martin got his just by being a huge fan of Brett Hearn. Although the nickname is a joke he is called ‘Brandon Hearn’ quite often.

“We’re pretty big Hearn fans and I guess the car resembles him so they pick on me quite a bit,” Martin said about his nickname.

Every driver struggles trying to figure out the perfect set up, and figuring out what works best at Woodhull Raceway. Martin has been struggling this season, although he has a good number of top five finishes and even some top three finishes.

Martin even took the Golden Age Cheeses Teo to New Jersey and let chassis/set up expert Matt Hearn tune on his ride to find the perfect balance for Woodhull. But when asked what his biggest obstacle in 2016 has been?

“The new chassis has been a real pain in the butt,” Martin said.

When asked what his favorite thing about racing was? His response was, “being around all my buddies in the pits hanging out. During the week we’re always together. My friends and I all have something in common. We all love racing. That’s what we do.”

Woodhull Raceway is a track many drivers find difficult to conquer. “Woodhull is different than any other place we go race. It’s completely different,” noted Martin. “We did a little bit of traveling last year, but obviously we always come back to Woodhull because its close to home, we enjoy racing here, the surface is always phenomenal to race on, it’s slick and it’s a drivers track.”

One thing is for sure- you won’t want to miss Brandon (Hearn) Martin race. He is slowly figuring out what the ins and outs of his new chassis are and will be in victory lane before too long.

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