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Driver Profile: Dave Richmond 93D Woodhull Auto Supply FWD

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release – June 23rd, 2016 –

Racing is easy to get hooked on. It takes just one time behind the wheel to be hooked on it.

For this week’s driver, it took just that, one time in a racecar. Two weeks ago, he found his first win ever at Woodhull Raceway.

Dave Richmond is a 43-year-old out of Whitesville, New York. He has one daughter and works as an automotive technician. Like most other drivers here at Woodhull Raceway, he is just an average guy who loves racing and follows his passion.

This year is Richmond’s first year in a full size racecar. Prior to this year, Dave ran go-karts for seven years. Dave raced his go-kart at Backriver Raceway in Wellsville, AMS Speedway in Allentown, and occasionall raced at Moe’s Speedway.

During an interview with Dave Richmond, he was asked who got him into racing? His answer was very clear as he responded with, “Joe Birdsall.”

Birdsall gave Richmond a ride last year and he loved it. “It was something different and I better do it,” Richmond said was his thought after testing Joe Birdsall’s car.

It is easy to love racing. There are many different things to get hooked on. Many of us have found our selves at the track since we were little. That goes for Richmond as well.

“It’s been in my blood since I was a little kid,” Richmond said during the interview. Richmond’s dad raced years ago in the late seventies and early eighties. “Its always been there,” he said. It has always been something he has wanted to do and that is why he likes racing so much.

A few weeks ago Richmond found his way in his No. 93D to his first ever Woodhull Raceway victory. For Richmond he cannot put his win into words.

“Unreal,” was the only word Richmond can really use to describe his victory. The win meant a lot to him due to only being four races into his rookie year.

Woodhull Raceway can be a tough track for drivers to get a handle on. We asked Richmond what he thought was the hardest part of Woodhull Raceway is?

“The competition has really stepped their game up,” commented Richmond. “Other drivers have said the same thing this year.”

Dave Richmond is just one example of a Woodhull Raceway driver living out a dream every Saturday night. All it takes is a driver, a car, the passion to race and the drive to want to win.

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