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Driver Profile: Mick Seeley #31 SWL Awards 360 Late Model

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release – June 16th, 2016 –

(WOODHULL) - Not every driver is up front right away. For some drivers it takes hard work and late nights in the shop to figure out how to get faster.

This driver is one that has the passion to race, but is still smoothing out the bumps to get to victory lane. Mick ‘The Quick’ Seeley is 36 years old and racing is just one of the things he loves to do. Seeley has 3 kids. Two of which are step kids, Abby and Landon, and a daughter named Lilly.

During an interview with Mick, we asked what he does with his time when he is not at the racetrack. “I hunt and I fish,” Seeley responded.

Seeley has found himself behind the wheel of a racecar for 16 years now. He raced a street stock for a couple years and then moved into late models, which back in the day, were called super stocks. Mick stayed in this class with the name changing to 360 late models.

Seeley grew up around the racetrack. His family from the Hartman’s and beyond that raced. Mick’s dad raced for many years along with other family members of his. “Every year since the tracks been open there’s been a family member at Woodhull. It just kind of runs in the family genes I guess,” Seeley said when asked how he got into racing. Which, if you are not a history buff on Woodhull, opened its gates in 1965 under the direction of George Williams.

Most people would think that the adrenaline rush and the feel of going fast would be the number one reason why people love racing. For Seeley, though, that is not the case. Seeley lies among a number of drivers who believe that the best part of racing is the fans. He especially loves seeing the younger fans. He grew up with racing so he loves to see other kids grow up with it too.

“A lot of kids never have the experience,” Seeley said. This pushes him to show kids whatever he can about racing. One thing he mentioned in trying to do so is being available to younger fans at the annual Arnot Mall car show held every March.

Seeley has not been in victory lane yet this season but that does not mean he has not been trying. The 360 late model division has seen a recent decline in numbers, so without knowing what was going to happen- Seeley and his crew admittedly didn’t put effort into all areas of the car in the offseason. Something that has had them playing catch up to start 2016.

Mick Seeley may not be in the win column yet this year, but that does not mean he has not gained a nickname over the years. Mick ‘The Quick’ Seeley was a nickname given to him years prior, by veteran announcer Morgan Colgrove. It has just stuck with Seeley all these years and you can still catch announcers using the nickname on Saturday nights at Woodhull Raceway.

Seeley is a driver that you see circle the High Banks each week that truly competes for love of the sport. Nobody is making money racing these days, making the sport a labor of love and feeding the desire to teach others about the sport we all love so much.

Every short track in America could use 100 more Mick ‘The Quick’s in their pit area.

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