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Driver Profile: Codie Baker #14 Woodhull Auto Supply Front Wheel Drives

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release – June 2nd, 2016 –

(WOODHULL) - Many people think it is expensive to race. Most classes are more expensive than others, but this driver out of Troupsburg, New York has made it work with a small amount of money.

31-year-old Codie Baker drives the No. 14 front wheel drive car in the Woodhull Auto Supply Front Wheel Drive division at Woodhull Raceway. Baker is a regular contender at Woodhull Raceway and can also be found racing at Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, New York.

Baker says he “lives the mundane life until the weekend hits”. He is a self-employed mechanic who has two kids. Baker is one of few veterans in the front wheel drive class.

Baker started racing full time in 2006, while just driving here and there before that. He has driven almost everything there is except for a modified.

Out of all the cars Baker has driven he says, “The front wheel drives- they are just fun.”

Unlike most racers Codie is the first in his family to be in a race car. Baker always remembers being at the track. Like most racers, it was the thing to do on Saturday nights. Baker said “I never missed a Saturday even if I had to walk over from Troupsburg.”

For Codie Baker- the best thing about racing is the cheer of the fans.

“When you’re doing good they’ll let you know,” Baker said during the interview.

Baker runs a ten year old car that he’s flipped several times in the past. He calls his car ‘The Mistress’. 'The Mistress' has had over a dozen drivers. All but one of the drivers who ran the car have won.

During the interview we asked Baker what it was like to race two different tracks on the same weekend? Baker responded with, “it’s a little hectic but I love it.”

Baker likes to go and explore other tracks, but enjoys Woodhull Raceway and races here the most. He also has created a series of races for front wheel drive cars and mini stocks. It consists of eight races and is split between Woodhull Raceway, Outlaw Speedway and other surrounding tracks. The name of this series is the CB Motorsports Challenge. Drivers are encouraged to check out this challenge.

Codie Baker proves you do not need much to race. All you need is a couple hundred dollars and the passion to go out and race, and above all, have fun while doing it.

Baker currently sits second in the points standings for the Woodhull Auto Supply Front Wheel Drives. Just six points shy of leader Shawn Gleason.

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