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Driver Profile: Chris Daugherty #22jz NAPA Crate Sportsman

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release – May 20th, 2016 –

(WOODHULL) - There has been nobody off to a better start in 2016 than Chris Daugherty from Elmira, NY.

Chris Daugherty pilots the No. 22jz on a weekly basis at Woodhull Raceway. Daugherty is your average hard-working person driving a racecar on the weekends. He has two boys at home. One of which also races at Woodhull in the Daugherty Auto Sales Mini Stock division. Chris Daugherty just considers himself a busy guy.

Daugherty has twenty years of racing under his belt, which gives him plenty of experience with dirt and asphalt racing. Chris started out with a four cylinder then moved his way into a super stock, which is virtually the same, minus ten inch tires, from the present day street stock.

Some of you may remember seeing Daugherty race his super stock at Black Rock Speedway. From there Daugherty moved into a late model but he made the move from dirt to asphalt. After a few years racing on asphalt, Chris moved back onto dirt racing a super stock again. Going back to asphalt again Chris Daugherty found himself driving a modified, before eventually coming back to dirt continuing his modified driving.

“Racing always falls from the family” says Daugherty. As many can agree, their family helped get them into racing. Chris Daugherty remembers going to the racetrack with his father as a kid. Chris also got opportunities to pit crew for different guys. All of these helped interest and get him into racing.

During the interview with Daugherty, he was asked what he liked most about racing?

His response was “When you get out of your car, of course after winning a feature and looking in the stands and seeing all the fans up there cheering and happy for you”. He also likes just being able to put on a good show for the fans.

Also during the interview, Daugherty was asked what he thinks is needed to win a championship?

"To win a championship you have to start the year right including a right attitude. If you do not have the right attitude, you may miss your chance," Daugherty said.

Daugherty will continue to make his way around “New York’s Toughest Bullring” and continue to impress us all with his already accumulating pile of wins. Although his motor was claimed back on May 7th, Daugherty already had an engine in the No. 22jz ready to go last week. Mother Nature knocked out last week's events, but had it not rained, Daugherty and his great crew were ready to battle for win number three.

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