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Seeley Ready To Meet Race Fans At 2016 Woodhull Raceway Arnot Mall Car Show

Media Contact: Steven Ovens - or (315) 729-3825 For Immediate Release - February 1st, 2016 (Woodhull, N.Y.) – The annual Arnot Mall Car Show is quickly approaching, Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th in Horseheads, N.Y. and one Woodhull Raceway driver is set to display his car for the sixteenth year in a row.

Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania 360 Late Model driver Mick ‘The Quick’ Seeley is using the offseason to gear up for another season of racing on the high banks. He is well into his offseason rebuild by February 1st, as he will display his car for all to see at the annual car show sponsored by Swarthout Recycling.

For Seeley, the Arnot Mall Car Show is an important event on the yearly racing calendar. There are no points on the line, trophies to be won or even New York’s biggest fireworks display to enjoy- but the mall show offers one of the best opportunities to promote Woodhull Raceway and Seeley’s team.

“We have been supporting the mall show since 2000 and we look forward to coming back every year,” said Seeley.

“My favorite part of the mall show is watching the reactions of people who have never seen a race car- kids especially. Folks like me were spoiled in that we grew up around racing, but some of the kids and their parents we meet at the mall often have never been to a race before.”

Seeley will also be supporting a local charity by selling $10 ribbon graphics that will ride along on his 360 Late Model for the 2016 season with all proceeds going toward the fight to cure diabetes. Fans can purchase a ribbon, write their name on it and place the ribbon on Seeley’s No. 31 right at the car show.

Certainly the crowds that converge on the mall on this particular weekend in March not only benefit the mall businesses but Woodhull Raceway as well.

“The car show certainly puts our speedway on a big stage,” says Woodhull Raceway owner and promoter Ted White.

“The mall tells us year in and year out that our car show is one of their busiest weekends of the year for their facility. It is for the track as well as it’s our first chance to see some of our racers and our greatest opportunity to promote our sport to the community.”

Racers and fans alike will be able to purchase their season passes, booth rentals and answer general questions, as always, at Woodhull Raceway’s booth in center court. The Woodhull booth will also be busy with the return of the pit stop competition on Saturday night. The cast from Turn 5 Live will also be set up recording their annual mall show episode- interviewing Woodhull drivers for that show in center court.

The mall show also provides a great opportunity for the racers and teams to promote the marketing partners that help keep their teams on the track. An opportunity that Seeley’s team has not passed up on for nearly two decades.

“Our sponsors get a lot of exposure at the car show because anyone passing by or stopping to take a closer look, see the names of our sponsors up close and personal. You could say that the car show is just as important to our sponsors as it is for their name to be on the car on race night.”

Seeley’s team will be fielding a three-man crew for the Pit Stop Competition, where the fastest three teams will receive awards as well as the best appearing team. The pit stop competition will see each crew change a right rear tire on a racecar to be determined as quickly and efficiently as possible. The three-person teams will consist of a jack man, tire carrier and tire changer.

Make your plans now to visit the Arnot Mall on March 19th and 20th as Woodhull Raceway and it’s drivers display their racing machines for the upcoming 2016 season.

You can find news, results, points and track info on You can also follow Woodhull Raceway on social media by searching ‘Woodhull Raceway’ on Facebook and following @WoodhullPR on Twitter.


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