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May 7th Patriot Sprint Tour Event Postponed Due To Rain

Patriot Sprint Tour rescheduled for Saturday, July 23, 2022.

Story by Kenny Shupp Jr. Promotions and Consulting LLC.

(Woodhull, NY) With an extended weather forecast showing the potential for more rain and cold temperatures Woodhull Raceway owners Terry and Niki Brewer made an early decision to cancel the May 7, 2022 program.

“The 360 Patriot Sprint Tour was on the schedule for the night and with a not so favorable weather forecast we decided to cancel early to save everyone any unnecessary travel. It rained hard here on Thursday night, and we had showers all day long on Friday. Based on a 50% chance more rain on Saturday we decided to not play games and just cancel now.” That according to the Brewer’s.

Many of the Patriot Sprint Tour regulars travel long distances, some having four-to-five-hour hauls. With diesel over $6/gallon and regular gas taking a 20-cent jump to $4.40 in just the past two days nobody wants to travel when the risk of inclement weather is impending so with all that said the Patriot Sprint Tour event will be rescheduled to Saturday, July 23.

“We were in communication with Mike Emhoff of the PTS in working on a makeup date that would be compatible to both our schedules. Fortunately, we were able to find common ground on July 23 because neither of us wanted to lose this show.” That again according to Niki and Terry Brewer.

The PST will then return to Woodhull on Saturday, August 13 for their second and final appearance of “22”, an event that was already on the schedule.

Entering the 2022 season racetrack promoters along with race teams have shown a great deal of concern regarding overhead expenses particularly with rising cost of racing gasoline and tires, bolt on components and engine parts availability. In addition, everyone is getting hit between the eyes with price increases on everything from groceries, regular pump gasoline, building supplies and food to go. Many promoters, race teams and fans are now in a more conservative mode with everyone watching every dollar spend.

It is no big secret this is a tough time for anyone. Costs are to the moon and people are playing things a lot closer to the vest. When weather becomes an issue most race- tracks are now paying closer attention as many of their followers cannot afford any unnecessary trips. If track promoters get stubborn and race on a night where the weather does not look good particularly when it happens to be on a night of a high paying touring event, they run the risk of taking a big hit in the wallet which consequently takes several weeks or months to recover. Early cancellations are now becoming the new norm for more race venues and touring organizations.

With the cancellation of the May 7 event at Woodhull the next scheduled event will be in one week on May 14 as the Canisteo Police Club will present Police, Fire and EMT night at the track. For a more comprehensive look at the full press release on the May 14 event go to

For continual updates leading up to the event including weather related matters, the nightly race agenda and other information of importance go to

The Woodhull Raceway is located on CR. 102 just of Rt. 417 in Woodhull, NY. 25 miles west of Corning, 25 miles east of Hornell, 25 miles south of Bath and 25 miles north of Wellsboro.

The Woodhull Raceway. New York’s Toughest Dirt Bull Ring!


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