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Woodhull Fantasy Fixings For Fantasy Racing League Week 6

Media Contact: Steven Ovens -

For Immediate Release – June 7th, 2018 – Joe Kaminski Jr. photo -

(WOODHULL) - Talk about a wild Fantasy Racing League week last week huh? A lot of people ran into bad luck in one form or another.

Maybe you took Branden Morseman, not knowing he was taking the week off. Or maybe you were on the Teddy Morseman train in Hobby Stocks before he suffered an unfortunate injury in his Street Stock feature before he could even compete with the Hobby Stock?

If you ran into bad luck and need to get back on track, you've come to the right place! But first, let us catch up on some driver updates that we have for this week.

Teddy Morseman Out For 6 Weeks

After suffering a broken arm on Saturday night while driving his Street Stock, Teddy Morseman's family has kept everyone updated on his status going forward. It appears at last update that Teddy will be rooting on the family from the sidelines for what could be 6 weeks. According to his Facebook page, he did get lucky in that he didn't suffer a displaced fracture, so surgery won't be required. Get Teddy replaced on your Fantasy Team, but be ready to bring him back onboard in mid-July as he will be hungry for a wins after some time off!

Bobby Peoples Hanging Up The Helmet Until September

I had a conversation with Bobby this week and it appears that due to his work schedule, he will be out until around September. This means that is this hold out to be true, Bobby won't be able to help your Fantasy Team for the rest of the points season. Now, keep him on your short list of 'drivers that I could plug in if he can be there and races' because he's fresh off two third place finishes in a row.

Crate Late Models Return This Week For $1,000-to-win!

Crate Late Model drivers return for Week 6 in the Fantasy Racing League and with the feature paying $1,000-to-win, there is likely to be some Crate Late Model drivers that can help you out if you're needing to rebound from a poor Week 5. We will review some of them below for you. If you have two other solid drivers, maybe take a chance on a Late Model driver.

Hobby Stocks Not Racing This Saturday June 9

As if some of the teams didn't already have some tough decisions to make this week, the Hobby Stocks are off the schedule Saturday night. If you have a Hobby Stock driver in your lineup, you'll want to make sure you have a legal lineup come 6:30PM on Saturday.

CRSA 305 Sprint Drivers ARE Eligible For Write-In This Week

With the CRSA 305 Sprints on hand this week for their lone stop of the 2018 season, this is a reminder that their roster of drivers ARE eligible to be your write-in candidate driver to fill out your roster. If you're looking for someone to take a chance on for Saturday night to gain you some lost points or get that edge on your competition, CRSA 305 Sprints Announcer and PR Director Toby Lagrange gives you two drivers to think about:

Thomas Radivoy – The current overall CRSA points leader by three over Jeff Trombley, Radivoy won the season opening event at the Orange County Fair Speedway back on May 5th. After two events the Circleville, New York driver is the only driver with a pair of top five finishes. Radivoy finished second in the overall standings in 2017, trailing Trombley by 11 points in the final rundown.

Jeff Trombley – The defending CRSA Series champion, Jeff Trombley is no stranger to success. The Altamont, New York driver is a two-time Fonda Speedway Modified titlist and the defending Kennedy Towing Northway 90 Challenge champion. With one top five and two top ten finishes under his belt, Trombley currently sits second in the overall CRSA standings, trailing Thomas Radivoy by three points.

Now let us take a look at some Crate Late Model, Mini Stock, Front Wheel Drive and Hobby Stock drivers for consideration in the weeks to come.

Crate Late Models:

Kurt Stebbins, No. 26 Crate Late Model

It appears that Stebbins finally has the bugs worked out of his No. 26 Cummings Trucking, Just One More Bar, KB Graphics and Wraps ride after a big win on May 26. Stebbins rolled out a brand new chassis about a month ago and had some struggles initially, which he admitted may not have all been the new car.

Stebbins took to Social Media a few weeks ago to let his fans know that the team was backing off from their efforts at running two cars, two nights a week at both Outlaw Speedway and Woodhull Raceway. He related that with running both cars Friday and Saturday, there were some things maintenance-wise that had been missed early on in the year. His decision proved big dividends, as he returned to Woodhull with a full week of car maintenance which found several problems- turning that into a win in the Late Model and a second place finish in his Street Stock.

Stebbins is a great value pick in the Woodhull Wingnuts division, just remember the Late Models will again be off the racing card on June 23- so plan ahead for that.

Steve LeBarron, No. 29 Crate Late Model

While Stebbins has gained momentum, that doesn't take away from defending Late Model track champion Steve LeBarron. LeBarron had a rough race a couple weeks ago, but other than that blemish of 7th place on May 26, he has been the division's 'Mr. Consistency' with three-straight top fives to start the season. He will be a contender for the $1,000 top prize along with his teammate who we will talk about next.

John Waters, No. 11 Crate Late Model

Waters has surprisingly only made one Woodhull start in 2018, but when he did make that start he stuck the Troups Creek Auto Parts ride in Instant Heat Wood Pellets Victory Lane. There's not much more to say that this- if Waters is there, you can either consider him for your lineup or likely get beat by someone else who does. He's as much of a cold stone lock of the week as you can get. This guy just sets the bar that much higher when he's in the field. Look for him to run well again on Saturday.

The Knowles Boys! Jason No. 4 & Brian No. 7 Crate Late Models

Jason has been more of a regular in the No. 4 car and is our current point leader. Brian has a brand new piece under the No. 7 car and might just get a crack at shaking it down this weekend going for $1,000-to-win. These guys might be great plug and play drivers if you're going to be at the track to confirm that they are in the pit area.

Mini Stocks:

Chris Woodard, No. 32 Mini Stock

Woodard has won three-straight feature events and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Woodard could make it a 4-peat this weekend if all things go his way. If you're one of those players that doesn't like to stick with a 'heater' maybe try Dylan Cecce or Adam DelGrosso in the Bullring Brigade...although they're on a red hot streak of their own!

Adam Austin, No. 98A Mini Stock

Just one week after a big shot into the frontstretch wall, Austin logged a solid 6th place finish in his return effort. My advice, is hold off on the 98A until we get to see Austin return to that dominant form he had in the first few weeks of 2018. Not sure if that shot in the wall tweaked something that has upset the balance of that racecar. He has great fantasy value no doubt, the question becomes whether or not they will continue this boom or bust streak after the accident?

Travis Webster, No. F7 Mini Stock

Confidence couldn't be any higher for Rookie of the Year candidate Travis Webster. Webster has logged two top five finishes in a row with finishes of 3rd and 5th in the last two events. He is now getting that car to work like he wants it to in the corners and could be on the brink of a breakout victory in his rookie season. It's not a big stretch, but if you want a leg up on the competition you should at least consider plugging him into your Fantasy Lineup.

Rick Amidon, No. 2 Mini Stock

VALUE PICK! VALUE PICK! My Fantasy League Stone Cold Lock of the Week is Rick Amidon and his No. 2 Mini Stock. 'Ole Ricky Bobby has had a tough go of it the last three weeks and because of that, will have a great starting spot if he qualifies into the feature top 12 from his heat. Amidon is a guy you should have in your lineup because he has a great opportunity to start and finish in the top 5 on Saturday night. His best finish was 5th in the last three weeks, but adds a 10th place finish and a Did Not Start to go along with it.

Front Wheel Drives:

Adam DelGrosso, No. 11 Front Wheel Drive

DelGrosso is a man on fire lately and he even has given Codie Baker a run for his money for the title of FWD King of Woodhull. DelGrosso is a guy who can win even when he has to start 10th-12th. He also loves racing on slick tracks, which the Front Wheel Drives race on more times than they don't as they run in the second half of the feature racing card on most nights.

Nate Freeland, No. 26 Front Wheel Drive

If you need a consistent driver who you can count on for top five finishes and you're worried about Boom or Bust winners in the Bullring Brigade- consider Nate Freeland. Freeland is just one of three FWD drivers who has yet to finish outside the top five in weekly competition. He is pretty much a 'set it and forget it' pick. He rarely has problems on track or mechanically on the No. 26 and will help you an awful lot more than he would ever hurt your Fantasy Team. He's been good for several wins along the way as well the last few seasons, so take those high notes as a bonus when they come because you will hit on a win several times with Freeland for that maximum 25 points for his grouping.

Nick Brown, No. 14x Front Wheel Drive

Nick Brown is a pretty consistent pick for the Woodhull Wingnuts division. He quite often finishes in the top five- in fact he has finished in the top five twice already this season. The 'ole Subaru has struggled to get back to Victory Lane with Brown who has been driving this car for just about a year now, but that car certainly knows how to get around Woodhull Raceway. Brown can lead you to Victory Lane, but he's not going to be the driver that is the 'dagger' against your competition. Like a good dose of Novocain at the dentist's office, Brown will help you log 20 point finishes at a time in that second group.

Matt Prescott, No. 93 Front Wheel Drive

VALUE PICK! VALUE PICK! Matt Prescott landed in the Highbank Hustlers division because of his standings in the points after missing a race early in the year. But he's quickly shown that he can top five his competition to death in the Fantasy rankings. Prescott will be a top five finish you can rely on.

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