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Woodhull Raceway Continues Motorsports Media Internship Program In 2017

Media Contact: Steven Ovens - For Immediate Release - March 28th, 2017 (Woodhull, N.Y.) – 2016 saw Woodhull Raceway embark into new territory on the media side of the racing business. A focused effort in digital media, social media and grooming the next generation of talent culminated with a partnership with Mansfield University last season. This successful program will carry on into the 2017 race season for it's second season.

Megan Dupuy, of Watkins Glen, NY, participated in a college internship with Woodhull Raceway as media intern last season. As a racer and motorsports enthusiast with a vast racing legacy in her genes, Dupuy was a perfect fit for the efforts being put forth by Ted and Brandi White's staff in 2016.

As media intern, Dupuy contributed weekly to Woodhull's social media accounts, website and most visibly on the cover of the Woodhull Raceway program where she authored the popular weekly front-page driver profile. She also contributed on race nights as the liason between the speedway and the Junior Fan Club which is annually sponsored by Joe and Jean Willcox from Joe Willcox Performance Automatics.

With Megan's added efforts combined with a re-location of the booth, the Junior Fan Club saw record numbers of weekly participants, with one lucky fan being picked to join their favorite driver on the front stretch for a photo with their prize. More improvements are planned for 2017 with the Junior Fan Club, but an addition to 2017 will see Power Wheels come to the High Banks on three occasions this year.

Dupuy also served other race night roles that allowed her the opportunity to experience several different aspects of operating a dirt track on Saturday nights. Aside from the driver interviews, Dupuy stepped out of her comfort zone to assist with pre-race press releases, post-race reports and even took a chance at live microphone work during the Woodhull Warrior youth four-cylinder events.

"Megan was a great fit for our program this past year and it was a great opportunity for us to partner with Mansfield University," said Woodhull Raceway Media Director Steven Ovens. "Ted, Brandi and I are thrilled that Megan is coming back in 2017 to help us take the next step on the media side of spreading the good word about Woodhull Raceway."

Though the internship experience allows the student to complete degree-related requirements, the partnership is truly a win-win.

"As our sport continues to evolve, we feel it is our job to help groom and train those that will help carry the sport forward for years to come. Megan has a bright future in whatever future motorsports involvement she wants to have, and we are pleased that she has chosen to receive that initial orientation to media and dirt track operations from our staff here at Woodhull."

Dupuy authored a final internship paper to complete her internship experience and program requirements for Mansfield. Here is a sampling of her experience in 2016:

"Last April I received the internship position for Woodhull Raceway. When I first applied for the position, I thought I had little chance of getting it. I was only a second semester freshman with a strong love for racing. However, when I got the call saying I received the position I was ecstatic and could not wait to tackle my first press release and to see what the season had to offer.

My sister helped me decide on my current major- Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. I knew that with this degree I could somehow incorporate racing, which is what I loved to do. I did not know what that kind of job would entail and that is why I wanted the internship. A lot of college students have to go through four years of college not knowing what their job will be like and then they find out they hate it. I got lucky and learned that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Some of those things I learned was how to write a press release, how to write a race recap (post-race press release), announcing skills and I even got to learn some interviewing skills. The whole summer was a learning experience for me; even the smallest things such as driver names and car numbers I learned as the season progressed.

The accomplishments I had this season ranged from small to big but all had a significant meaning. One of my biggest accomplishments is getting over being introverted when it came to talking to people. All season I had interviewed drivers and wrote articles based on our discussion. When I was younger, I was never one to initiate a conversation especially with people I do not know but this internship position pushed me to move past those barriers.

These driver profiles were posted to Woodhull Raceway’s website and then put on the track's social media accounts. They then started going on the track program's cover, which was awesome to see. Seeing your work with your name attached to it gives you a good feeling. The “damn, that’s my work” feeling and realizing thousands of people were reading it through different platforms.

Overall, this internship experience was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I loved what I did every week. Getting to know all the drivers and working with everyone at Woodhull was amazing. It gave me an insight on the career I am looking to pursue and gave reassurance that this was in fact what I want to do for the rest of my life."

Woodhull Raceway is just over a week away from it's first chance at taking to the Steuben County red clay surface, as an open practice session is scheduled for Saturday April 8th from 5:00-9:00. Reports on Monday from track owner Ted White revealed that the track will be ready for practice, pending how the weather shapes up next week. There is no longer any visible snow at the track, due in part to the mild weather the area has experienced last week and into this week.

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