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Right Place At The Right Time For Pavlick In Grit Series 'Bulldozer' Victory; Freeland Wins

Media Contact: Steven Ovens - or (315) 729-3825 For Immediate Release – August 16th, 2016 – Scott Seward photo -

It is often said in racing that you have to be good to be lucky, and sometimes you have to be lucky to be good. On Wednesday night, local Casey Pavlick was both good and lucky to capture the twenty-five lap Super Gen Products Grit Racing Series victory.

Pavlick would start the event from the pole position, with the Addison-native trying to avenge a bitter defeat he suffered earlier in the year in a big money show on the High Banks. But in order to capture the victory, Pavlick would have to contend with fellow Addison pilot Stacy Jackson.

Jackson, in the Realty USA, Last Lap No. 22J, was on fire right out of the gates Wednesday night. Jackson battled with Pavlick for the lead with Jackson taking the lead from Pavlick on a restart early.

Jackson would dominate the top position for a majority of the event, but Pavlick never allowed Jackson to get more than a car length away. Pavlick was hooked up on the bottom lane with Jackson keeping his momentum up through the middle of the corner.

As the race wound down, Jasper, NY driver Dayton Brewer began clawing his way to the front. Now the top three cars were nose-to-tail, battling for the Grit Series 'Bulldozer' victory.

Pavlick would take to the top lane, trying to get around Jackson who was able to shut down all runs to the low side. This allowed Brewer the chance to get alongside Pavlick and make the pass to take over the runner-up spot. Brewer was as fast if not a tick quicker than Pavlick, but getting around Jackson would be a whole other challenge.

Brewer had a shot as the two came down for the white flag from head flagger Scott Lyon. The No. 17 Morgan's Auto Repair ride got underneath the No. 22J of Jackson, but Jackson was able to once more shut the door into turn one, with Brewer losing ground.

Entering turn three, Brewer entered the corner too hot and made contact with Jackson. Jackson went spinning, with Pavlick having just enough room to sneak by on the low side of the track and race to the stripe for the victory.

Brewer crossed the line in the top five, but was disqualified for the contact that grabbed the victory from Jackson. An altercation in the pit area post-race would see both Stacy Jackson and Mike Jackson be disqualified as well.

"We lost a tough one here earlier this year, and we were at the right place at the right time," said Pavlick in Instant Heat Wood Pellets Victory Lane.

Nate Freeland dominated the second half of the Quad C Challenge to garner his first Quad C win of the season. It was Freeland fourth overall victory of the season, which now gives him a six point lead over Shawn Gleason in the Quad C standings.

Woodhull Raceway Short Track Super Series Night Official Results August 17th, 2016

HUSTLIN’ THE HIGH BANKS 52, 45 cars (52 Laps): RYAN GODOWN, Grant Hilfiger, Donnie Lawson, Brian Malcolm, Tommy Meier, Danny Johnson, Jerry Higbie Jr., Mike Bills, Erick Rudolph, Matt Sheppard, Mike Mahaney, Bobby Davis, Eric Fisher, Billy Van Pelt, Craig Hanson, Alan Johnson, Colton Wilson, Matt DeLorenzo, Andy Bachetti, Nick Nye, Joe Dgien, Anthony Perrego, Dale Welty, Dillon Groover, Steve Hartman, Brady Fultz, Alan Rudalavage, Danny Creeden.

Did Not Qualify: Russell Morseman III, Byron Worthing, Joshua Sawyer, Tyler Siri, Cory Costa, Boyd MacTavish, Dave DuBois, Frank Dunning, Ryan Tracy, Art Goodier, Josh Nobriga, Lee Bills, Kenny Peoples Jr., Kevin Chilson, Ray Bliss Jr., Mike Trautschold, Nick Petrilak.

H1: Ryan Godown, Donnie Lawson, Jerry Higbie

H2: Grant Hilfiger, Alan Johnson, Billy Van Pelt

H3: Brian Malcolm, Brady Fultz, Matt Sheppard

H4: Danny Creeden, Eric Fisher, Matt DeLorenzo

H5: Alan Rudalavage, Erick Rudolph, Anthony Perrego

Consi 1: Andy Bachetti, Danny Johnson, Mike Mahaney

Consi 2: Dale Welty, Dillon Groover, Joe Dgien

Consi 3: Bobby Davis, Craig Hanson, Colton Wilson

SUPER GEN PRODUCTS GRIT SERIES CRATE SPORTSMAN, 32 cars (25 Laps): CASEY PAVLICK, Chris Daugherty, Tim Guild, Bobby Peoples, Donnie Lawson, Brandon Butler, Jimmy Zacharias, Dustin Jordan, Greg Young, AJ Costley, Garrett Rushlow, Brett Buono, Josh Keesey, Jake Dgien, Ray Bliss, Bob Johnson, Collin Brown, Stevie Hartman III, Dale Welty, Tommy Collins Jr., Dylan Cecce DQ: Dayton Brewer, Stacy Jackson, Mike Jackson

DNQ: Brandon Martin, John Waters, Mickey Wilbur, Dan Michaud, Rich Powell, Jerry Aldrich, John Agnew, Chris Hall

H1: Casey Pavlick, Josh Keesey, AJ Costley

H2: Chris Daugherty, Bobby Peoples, Dayton Brewer

H3: Stacy Jackson Tommy Collins Jr., Tim Guild

H4: Mike Jackson, Dustin Jordan, Donnie Lawson

QUAD C CHALLENGE (RWD/FWD), 17 cars (20 Laps): NATE FREELAND (1), Codie Baker, Dave Richmond, Ray Hyer, JJ Kreidler, Jeffery Daugherty, Shawn Gleason, Adam DelGrosso, Matt Prescott, Rick Amidon, Scott Lehman, Carl LaBarron, Chris Shelley, DJ Williams, Corky Grant, Karl Born, Chris Woodard

H1: Ray Hyer, Nate Freeland, Matt Prescott

H2: Corky Grant, Dave Richmond, Codie Baker

H3: Carl LaBarron, JJ Kreidler, Shawn Gleason

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