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Driver Profile: Ajay Potrzebowski Jr. #72 Daugherty Auto Sales Warrior

It doesn’t matter how old you are, racing can be a fun experience. Many tracks have created a youth division for kids ranging from 12 to 16 to learn the basics of racing a car other than go-karts.

Woodhull Raceway is among one of those tracks. This week’s driver is a full time Warrior racer at Woodhull and is a top competitor in his division having multiple wins so far this season.

AJay Potrzebowski Jr. is only 12 years old but races a 4 cylinder in the Daugherty Auto Sales Warrior division at Woodhull Raceway. This 8th grader cannot even drive legally on state roads but still finds himself being able to power this machine around ‘New York’s Toughest Bullring.’

As many other of our Warrior drivers, Potrzebowski Jr. started his racing career with go-karts. AJay has raced a total of five years, with this year being Ajay’s rookie year in the Warrior division at Woodhull Raceway.

Potrzebowksi Jr. has three wins under his belt so far this season with two points wins and an opening night non-points win, giving him the most in the division. However, Ajay has the points lead by three points over Youse.

During the interview, we asked Ajay how he got into racing?

His answer was straightforward saying, “My dad and my grandpa.”

We see with many drivers that racing goes deep into the family tree. Both Ajay’s dad and grandfather have raced and are well known for their racing career. Ajay Potrzebowski Sr., has found himself running his daughter, Kayley’s car on some nights when the Warriors have the night off from racing.

Potrzebowski Jr. was asked what he likes most about racing? He responded with “the excitement and it’s fun.” No racer can deny that racing is fun; if it weren’t then we wouldn’t have a reason to participate.

The Warrior division only competes in features scheduled for 10 laps, but that seems to be just enough for these youth as they find themselves in some heavy competition each time they race.

Ajay was asked during the interview what it’s like racing in the Warrior division? His response was “it’s fun because I have competition unlike go-karts and you’re going faster.” There is no doubt that this class is ultra-competitive, even with five cars on the track they all manage to have a good time and put on a good race.

Next year Ajay Potrzebowski Jr. hopes to be in a crate sportsman. His dad said during the interview “if he keeps going the way they are going he’ll be in a crate next year.”

Ajay Potrzebowski Jr. is not one you want to miss on the track, even though it’s only his rookie year, he is on fire having two wins in a row with a three point lead on second place.

Woodhull Raceway will soon see another driver come up through the ranks, with all of it starting in the youth Warrior division.

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