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Driver Profile: Glenn Whritenour #15 Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stock

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy - or (315) 729-3825

For Immediate Release – May 5th, 2016 –

(WOODHULL) - You are not mistaken if you hear Glenn Whritenour’s name for more than one division.

Whritenour is a contender in both the Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stock Division and the SWL Awards 360 Late Model Division. Both lettered similarly and numbered 15. Most will know Whritenour as a decorated 360 Late Model champion at Woodhull. But in recent years, he has rebuilt a Street Stock and has pulled double duty ever since.

The 40-year-old out of Jasper, New York pulls double duty every Saturday night at Woodhull Raceway. Although it is not easy, Whritenour has fun doing it. Jumping from car to car is not easy but it is the challenge of doing so that Whritenour likes the most.

However, he did mention it was easier going from the late model to the street stock. For those who have never driven a late model- the corner entry is much faster than the corner entry from a street stock. Whritenour usually has to take a couple laps to adjust but then it is smooth sailing from there.

Racing is a family activity for Whritenour. Glenn’s dad is always helping him out on the cars. He also has a four-year-old son at home with his wife. Wokring on the race cars is nothing but a family thing for the Whritenours.

Whritenour’s family stretches further than just blood relatives, though.When talking during an interview he said the one thing he likes most about racing was the closeness of the drivers in the pits.

“Probably the family that you have established in the pits,” is what appeals to him about being at the track.

To Whritenour, it is all like one big family in the pit area. If you need help, there is always someone there or if someone else needs help, you are there for them. That concept crosses the lines of different divisions as well. The help, when you need it, can come from anyone at any time if they're available to do so.

Whritenour has found himself enjoying racing for 17 years. During those 17 years, he has competed in either a late model or a street stock. Going back a few years, Whritenour remembers racing street stocks when they were called super stocks.

In the future, Glenn is not sure if he still wants to race but he definitely wants to be involved. He would love to help other drivers build and set up their cars. He is not tied down to this idea as he does not know exactly what his future in the sport may hold.

For now, Glenn Whritenour is not one to pass by. With one win in the street stock division in the books, he is sure to be a strong challenger in both divisions on a weekly basis.

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