Costa Gets Points Finale Win; Van Pelt Claims 21st Title

Costa Gets Points Finale Win; Van Pelt Claims 21st Title

Media Contact: Megan Dupuy -

For Immediate Release: September 9, 2019 - Joe Kaminski Jr. Photo

(WOODHULL,NY)- Five drivers drove into Saturday night knowing their championship was locked up. The other three drivers whose points lead could easily be taken away given a flaw.

Cory Costa trailed Billy Van Pelt by 11 points going into Saturday night’s racing action. After the heat race, Costa trailed by 13. He would need a Woodhull Raceway miracle to be able to grab the championship. Russel Morsmean and Brian Doolittle would make up the front row in the Insinger Performance Modifieds. Morseman would grab the lead into turn one but Brady Fultz and the Herbie Wright owned no. 88 machine would pull up alongside Morseman on lap one. Donnie Lawson, Ron Cartwright and Dayton Brewer shuffled for positions as they had their own points battle behind Costa and Van Pelt.

Lap six, Costa and Van Pelt were going side by side down the backstretch. Both cars split Doolittle and continued on the hunt. Meanwhile back up front Lawson, Morseman and Fultz would make a three car battle for the lead. On lap nine, Lawson pulled ahead. Fultz was right there and grabbed the lead back on lap ten. After a caution, Fultz led, with Lawson, Morseman, Costa and Brewer sitting right behind him. Fultz had a fast restart and continued his lead. As lap 13 approached Costa got closer to Fultz. Van Pelt who was working lap traffic had to play it safe if he wanted the 21st title. Costa grabbed the lead on lap 24 and won the Insinger Performance Modified feature. Fultz, Lawosn, Cartwright and Van Pelt rounded out the top five.

The Cummings Trucking RUSH Crate Late Models didn’t have a decided champion as Jason Knowles sat nine points ahead of Kurt Stebbins going into Saturday night. Darin Horton and Dustin Waters led the field to green. Horton grabbed the lead but Brian Knowles was on the move and took over the lead on lap two. John Waters made a power move coming off of turn four and took the lead away from B.Knowles. Waters and B.Knowles battle for the lead J.Knowles and Stebbins battled for the fifth place spot. Waters grabbed the lead just under the flag stand on lap eight.

J.Knowles and Stebbins kept moving forward grabbing positions. Waters continued his lead with the battles going on behind him. Scott Waters, J.Knowles and B.Knowles went three wide on lap 17 battling for the fourth spot. J. Waters claimed his first victory of the season with S. Waters, J. Knowles, B.Knowles, and Steve LeBarron rounding out the top five. J. Knowles clinched the track championship over Stebbins.

The Woodhull Supply Hobby Stocks track championship was already decided before Saturday. Jeredd Dennis and his no. 121 machine had a plentiful point lead over his father, Carter Dennis. Mike Spencer led the first lap of the feature event and after an early race caution it was a three car battle for the lead. Les Smith moved up into the third spot after the running order was shuffled due to cautions. Spencer still held the lead.

Chris Woodard battled with Spencer for the lead on lap two. Woodard moved into the lead on lap four. Greg Crooker moved up through the pack and took over the second place spot. Crooker and Woodard battled for the lead but Crooker would get it. Crooker captured the win with Woodard, Smith, Bill Williams and Scott Brown finishing the top five.

Kurt Stebbins had a small margin of points going into Saturday night’s event. Brett Marlatt trailed him. Jared Hill jumped into the lead in the start of the Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks. As Hill led, Brett Crawford, Marlatt, and Stebbins battled for the fifth spot.

Branden Morseman moved into the lead taking it away from Hill. Lap ten cars went three wide again but for the fourth spot. Morseman continued to lead as Hill put pressure on him. Morseman was able to capture the win with, Hill, Dan Gardner, Stebbins and Mike Williams finishing the top five. Kurt Stebbins was the 2019 Track Champion for the Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks

Kenny Peoples Jr. had over a 50 point lead over Jake Dgien going into Saturday night’s racing action. Blake Lawson grabbed the lead in the start of the NAPA Crate Sportsman division. Lawson and Brett Buono battled for the lead but Buono would get it on lap five. Buono would start to pull away as Peoples Jr. moved to the high side taking over the second spot.

Buono and Peoples Jr. ran side by side until Peoples Jr. would get it on lap 20 coming off of turn two. Peoples Jr. would lead the next five laps and claim the win and the points championship. Buono, Ted Morseman, AJ Costley, and Lawson would round out the top five.

Josh Snyder and Reese Hackett started on the front row of the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks. Jason Ketrow clinched the championship last Saturday and did not need to worry about finishing. Ketrow still ran hard and by lap two he was up front battling for spots.

Carter Crooker also moved to the front and the two battled until Crooker took over the lead. Crooker went on the win the race while Ketrow finished second, Rick Amidon, Ray Hyer and Josh Webster rounded out the top five.

Joseph Gillespie and Kevin Williams started on the front row of the Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD class. Codie Baker had the championship locked up having a large lead over second place, Scott Lehman Jr. Codie Baker made his way to the front after battling for some positions. Baker clinched the win and the championship. Shawn Gleason, Nick Brown, and Matt Prescott rounded out the top five.

Jordan Costley and Dylon Morseman rolled off the front row for the start of the Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors. Brooke McClain had the championship locked up going into Saturday night’s program. McClain started in the ninth spot due to the handicapping. Last week’s winner, Brody Amidon started at the tail end of the field.

After shuffling for positions Amidon found himself back up front. Although McClain was not far behind him. Amidon captured his second victory of the season while McClain grabbed the track championship and a second place finish. Cayden Lawson, Josh Isaman, Jacob Tubbs, and Dylon Morseman rounded out the top five.

Alfred State College and Kibbe Oil & Gas Field Services Night - September 7, 2019 - Woodhull Raceway Official Results

Insinger Performance Modifieds, 24 cars: CORY COSTA (3), Brady Fultz, Donnie Lawson, Ron Cartwright Jr., Billy Van Pelt, Josh Keesey, Brian Doolittle, Brandon Martin, Joe Dgien, Bob Silvernail, Dillon Groover, Josh Nobriga, Frank Dunning, Lee Bills, Chris Ostrowsky, Russell Morseman, Art Goodier, Kevin Chilson, Dayton Brewer, Mark Frankhouser, Sheldon Gardner, Larry Keegan, Stacy Jackson DNS- Mike Bills

H1- Brian Doolittle, Dillon Groover, Brady Fultz

H2- Russell Morseman, Billy Van Pelt, Mike Bills

H3- Brandon Martin, Donnie Lawson, Bob Silvernail

2019 Insinger Performance Modified Track Champion: Billy Van Pelt

Cummings Trucking RUSH Crate Late Models, 13 cars: JOHN WATERS (1), Scott Waters, Jason Knowles, Brian Knowles, Steve LeBarron, Wayne Robertson, Kurt Stebbins, Darrin Horton, Joe Layfield, Kane Stebbins, Jason McGregor, Dave Richmond, Dustin Waters

H1- Jason Knowles, Wayne Robertson, Scott Waters

H2- Brian Knowles, John Waters, Steve LeBarron

2019 Cummings Trucking RUSH Crate Late Models Track Champion: Jason Knowles

Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks, 15 cars: GREG CROOKER (2), Chris Woodard, Les Smith, Bill Williams, Scott Brown, Scotty Brown, Leo Eldridge, Mike Spencer, Carter Dennis, Reese Hackett, Glenn Aumick, Lee Bills, Jeredd Dennis, Jim Sargent, Mike Carapella

H1- Les Smith, Greg Crooker, Chris Woodard

H2- Jeredd Dennis, Carter Dennis, Mike Carapella

2019 Woodhull Auto Supply Hobby Stocks Track Champion: Jeredd Dennis

Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks, 14 cars: BRANDEN MORSEMAN (2), Jared Hill, Dan Gardner, Kurt Stebbins, Mike Williams, Brett Marlatt, Brett Crawford, Josh Sawyer, Dave Machuga, Jim Weatherley, Noah Talada, Dennis French, Branden Birdsall, Jesse Tuthill

H1- Mike Williams, Dan Gardner, Dennis French

H2- Brett Marlatt, Kurt Stebbins, Branden Morsenan

2019 Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Street Stocks Track Champion: Kurt Stebbins

NAPA Crate Sportsman, 18 cars: KENNY PEOPLES JR (5), Brett Buono, Ted Morseman, Blake Lawson, AJ Costley, Cole Youse, Brayden Bills, AJay Potrzebwoski Jr., Mike Bucanhan, Collin Brown, Isabel Barron, Tim Guild, Adam Taft, Kaiden Dgien, Bob Butcher, Quinton Bucanhan, Tony Harris, Jake Dgien

H1- Kenny Peoples Jr., AJay Potrzebwoski Jr., Ted Morseman

H2- Cole Youse, AJ Costley, Mike Bucanhan

H3- Isabel Barron, Brett Buono, Blake Lawson

2019 NAPA Crate Sportsman Track Champion: Kenny Peoples Jr.

Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks, 12 cars: CARTER CROOKER (7), Jason Ketrow, Rick Amidon, Ray Hyer, Josh Webster, Scott Lehman, Danielle Thomas, Cara Pitts, Josh Snyder, Lee Fritz, Reese Hacket, Andy Thomas

H1- Ray Hyer, Jason Ketrow, Josh Webster

H2- Carter Crooker, Scott Lehman, Danielle Thomas

2019 Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Mini Stocks Track Champion: Jason Ketrow

Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD, 9 cars: CODIE BAKER (9), Shawn Gleason, Nick Brown, Scott Lehman Jr., Matt Prescott, Kevin Williams, Robert Gardner, Rob Decker, Joseph Gillespie

H1- Nick Brown, Codie Baker, Scott Lehman Jr.

2019 Johnson’s Auto Supply FWD Track Champion: Codie Baker

Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors, 10 cars: BRODY AMIDON (2), Brooke McClain, Cayden Lawson, Josh Isaman, Jacob Tubbs, Dylon Morseman, Ethan Decker, Jordan Costley, Tess Johnson, William Morseman

H1- Brody Amidon, Tess Johnson, Ethan Decker

H2- Brooke McClain, Cayden Lawson, Jacob Tubbs

2019 Daugherty Auto Sales and Service Woodhull Warriors Track Champion: Brooke McClain

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