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Story By: KENNY SHUPP JR PROMOTIONS AND CONSULTING LLC - WOODHULL, NY - Standout Woodhull Raceway competitor, Jeredd Dennis lost his race car shop to fire on Tuesday afternoon, March 15, 2022.

Dennis, who won the 2021 Hobby Stock Track Championship and is the “Go to Guy” in the division not only because of his chassis set up expertise, but he is also a noted fabricator in the highly popular Hobby Stock Division with many of his fellow competitors going to him for his wealth of knowledge.

Fortunately for the race team, the potent #121 that Dennis piloted to the 2021 title was inside the teams enclosed trailer some distance from the two-car race car shop facility. Dennis was in the process of putting the finishing touches on an all- new Hobby Stock for the Paul Dgien Racing Team and if were not for the quick response of Jeredd Dennis’ father, Carter that car would have been part of the rubble.

“I live close by to my son’s home and a neighbor came running to my house letting me know the garage was on fire. I immediately hooked a tow rope to my truck and pulled Dgiens car to safety. It was scorched a little and some of the nose piece melted, but luckily it did not receive a lot of fire damage.” That according to veteran Woodhull Raceway driver, Carter Dennis.

For Carter Dennis it was a last second call to try and get Dgiens machine out of the building as it was rapidly being consumed by fire and intense heat. Moments later the garage was totally engulfed and all the remaining equipment including welders, torches, tubing benders, hand tools, other race car parts and tires were all lost.

“I am just thankful my mom and dad were not hurt," claimed Jeredd Dennis. "We can rebuild the shop, but you cannot replace human life. We are extremely fortunate. We lost the shop and everything inside, but we saved a customer’s car and thankfully mine was in the hauler. The fire was so intense it melted the siding on the back of our home which is over fifty feet away from the garage.”

The local race community was quick to respond and with embers still smoldering inside the remains of the shop, numerous drivers from several different classes that race at Woodhull were at the fire scene showing their support.

“It is amazing how many other racers have been here offering to help in any capacity, stated Jeredd Dennis. We have been racing for a long time in several different divisions, and I have never had my hand out for anything. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and its gratifying to know that we have a lot of friends in this sport. We cannot thank everyone enough including the quick response from all the local fire departments.”

As the sun was setting over the Tuscarora, NY community, where the Dennis Race Team shop is located, Steuben County Fire Investigators were still on the scene trying to find a cause for the multi alarm blaze.

Dennis will begin defense of his Hobby Stock Track Title on April 16, 2022 when the Woodhull Raceway opens for their season opener. It should be noted that Dennis is one of the more popular figures in the Hobby Stock Division which he has aggressively promoted because of the classes’ affordability and a division for competitors of all ages. The Hobby Stock Division since its inception several seasons ago at the popular Steuben County NY race facility has seen numerous drivers who had hung up their helmets come out of retirement to compete in this closely knit division that does not require an exorbitant amount of money to compete and have fun.


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