2018 Woodhull Fantasy Racing League

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Fantasy Racing League 2018 Points

As of 9/5/2018

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This season, Woodhull Raceway fans have the opportunity to race against each other with the Woodhull Raceway Fantasy Racing League!  For a season-long price of $20 per team, you will be able to select (3) drivers competing at Woodhull Raceway each week.  You will earn points based on your three driver finishes, as you compete against other Woodhull fans trying to accumulate the most points at season's end.

But here's the tricky part...you can only change (1) driver in your lineup each week!  So select three drivers you're really confident in for Week 1, because you have to keep (2) of them for Week #2.  Also remember that Group C allows you to write in a driver that is not listed in any other group.  This could be reserved for a Patriot Sprint Tour driver (May 12th and July 14th), a CRSA 305 Sprint Tour driver (June 9th) OR a 270 Micro Sprint Driver (August 18th).


WIN = 25 points

2nd-5th = 20 points

6th=10th = 15 points

11th-20th = 10 points

21st to end = 5 points